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Let’s Create an App like Discord: Meaning, Pros, Cons, Steps

January 27, 2023
This space unlocks the ways to set up apps like Discord Server/Bot for free. Get hooked! Read More
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October 03, 2022

Converting Best iOS 15 Features into Vivid iOS App Ideas

A million-dollar app idea does not come by chance. It requires a concept, technologies, budget, skilled people, setup, and a lot of time to get through. The app development concept is an important part of creating a successful app just after finding the mobile app development company with the best mobile app development team, comparable … Read More
September 22, 2022

Creating Online Reseller App Like Meesho: Features, Business Model, Technology Stack

According to – Mega trends in online social commerce are opportunistic with generational influence, growing internet, smartphone penetration, growth of direct selling, and evolving technology. A mix of these factors brings online and in-store immersive reality to social platforms. According to Intrado and Strategic Market Research states that as of 2020, the global market … Read More
September 07, 2022

Comprehensive Guide on How to Develop an Ebook App like Kindle?

Books are considered to be one of our best friends. Most of us spend our leisure time reading books. The habit of reading books has remained the same over time, but the way to access books has changed drastically. Today, you do not have to search a library bookshelves to find a book to read … Read More
August 23, 2022

Best Ways to Raise Capital for Your App Startup Idea to make it a Success?

Have you ever read an Instagram success story? It seems like a Silicon Valley fairy tale for many of us. A venture capital funding of $50,000 inspired the 27-years old Stanford University graduate Kevin Systrom to support his venture of developing a photo-sharing app known as Instagram. In the first week after Instagram launched in … Read More
July 20, 2022

Creating a Corporate On-Demand Food Delivery App: Features, Business Model, Cost Factors, Tech Stack

Like general mobile app development, On-Demand Food delivery app development also involves designing, developing, and testing, implementing various business models, and deciding technology stack according to the business requirements;  What Are The Benefits Of Food App Development? Restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs get to manage their food ordering business with real-time updates on deliveries, offer … Read More
June 15, 2022

Pharmacy Delivery App Development: Features, Benefits, Business Model, Types, Technology Stack

Since long, pharmacies have relied on physical outlets. But then with the onset of pandemic, social distancing, and availability of medicine stock have been a great concern.  Moreover, the patients inflicted with contagious diseases who are unable to leave their residence avail medicine delivery at home. E-Pharmacy market is one of the most promising areas … Read More
June 09, 2022

Doctor Appointment App Development: Best Features, Tech Stack, Cost

Global medical centers have switched to adopting virtual care technology considering the convenience of the patients and doctors. A doctor appointment app is required to schedule outpatient appointments to streamline routine tasks with automated text reminders, predict appointment no-shows, reduce outpatient cancellations, avoid unused time slots, avoid overbooking, regulate drop-in consultations to avoid overcrowding, analyze … Read More
May 11, 2022

Tapping into the Captivity of eLearning App Development

Responsiveness, remote learning, affordable lessons, and interactive classes enable e-learning app providers to offer a seamless user experience without time and space restrictions! Read More
March 29, 2022

Shaping Up On-Demand Taxi Booking App Development

Despite Covid-induced lockdowns keeping a large number of vehicles off the roads in 2021, major metropolitan cities are ranking high in urban congestion, according to a report by a global location technology company. However, the congestion level is decreasing by a certain percentage over the years, the water-logged pockets are causing widespread traffic logjams and … Read More
March 24, 2022

Understanding FinTech Business Models (Digest)

If you work in technology or finance or invest in stocks or bonds, you must have heard of the term FinTech. We’ll see how FinTech changes the finance landscape. It is also used in conjunction with AI and Crypto-currencies to build basic financial models with Excel and more. Also, there are many use cases to … Read More

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