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14 Best RideShare Apps in 2024

January 17, 2024

Is the ridesharing industry saturated now?

No doubt there are already a lot of best ridesharing apps globally. However, as per Statista, the leading research site, the ridesharing market is expected to grow at 22.13% annually and reach $226 billion dollars by 2028.

The numbers are crazy, and to further prove our point – Arro, a taxi-riding app was launched in 2021, and has been running successfully in the US. The app has over 1 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of active users.

Therefore, if you’re planning to hop on the market, then it’s the right time to jump. Make sure to research the competitors correctly before jumping to a conclusion. To help you out, this post lists the best rideshare apps in 2023, along with crucial development queries, including how to create a ride sharing app. Note that it is also necessary to choose the right on demand app development company that can serve your needs and fill the requirements. Let us start with some basic information first.

Types of Ridesharing Apps

Three Types of Ridesharing Apps

  • Cab Booking Apps – Apps that allow the driver of a vehicle or taxi to take the rider from one location to another
  • Carpooling Apps– Apps that allow a group of people traveling in the same direction to book a common ride and share the trip cost
  • Peer-to-peer Apps – Apps that allow automobile owners to rent their vehicle to another person for a set time and charge
Best Rideshare Apps – Statics
  • The ridesharing market is expected to reach $215 billion by 2025
  • Uber is a leader in the US market with over 76% market share, followed by Lyft
  • The total numbers of ridesharing users in the world are approximately 1.4 billion
  • 9% of US citizens use ridesharing services daily
  • 53% of ride-hailing users are females, as compared to 47% men

List of Best Rideshare Apps in 2023

S.No Best Rideshare Apps Country Origin Founded Rating Platform
1 uber logo
USA 2009 4.7 iOS | Android
2 lyft logo
USA 2012 4 iOS | Android
3 ola logo
India 2010 4.1 iOS | Android
4 careem logo
Dubai 2012 4.3 iOS | Android
5 bla bla car logo
BlaBla Car
France 2006 4.3 iOS | Android
6 curb logo
USA 2007 2.9 iOS | Android
7 gojek logo
Indonesia 2010 4.4 iOS | Android
8 gett logo
UK 2009 4.3 iOS | Android
9 via logo
USA 2012 3.2 iOS | Android
10 bridj logo
Australia 2013 3.4 iOS | Android
11 heetch logo
France 2013 4.4 iOS | Android
12 wingz logo
USA 2011 3.6 iOS | Android
13 gokid logo
USA 2015 4.3 iOS | Android
14 bolt logo
USA 2014 4.8 iOS | Android

1. Uber – Best Rideshare App

uber app
The first on the list is Uber – the disrupter in the transportation industry that started the whole trend. With over 110 million users, the app is headquartered in San Francisco and offers one of the highly competitive pricing as compared to its peers. Developing an app like Uber requires some serious skills and a good app development agency. The tech giant has also ventured into other business services such as food delivery, freight transportation, and package delivery.

Uber is currently valued over $70 billion and helmed by the CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. The app also features under best ride share apps for drivers.

Top Uber Features for Drivers
  • Drivers can also rate their passengers, as per their behavior and ride experience.
  • Special accommodation provided to specially-abled drivers.
  • Freedom to choose any riding service like Uber X, Carpooling, Package Delivery
Top Uber Features for Riders
  • Split the Total trip cost between shares easily
  • Multi Drop-off points and auto fare adjustments
  • Schedule the rides in Advance whenever required
  • Available in over 10,000 cities globally, making it a viable option

2. Lyft – Friend with a Car

lyft app
Lyft is a top competitor of Uber and the second largest carpooling service provider app globally. The app marketed itself differently as a “Friend with a Car”, giving users a personalized experience and a friendly ambiance. The app has acquired a 32% market share in the US, has over 2 million drivers, and secured revenue of $2.3 billion+ in 2020.

Notably, Lyft has a high repeat customer percent because of excellent customer service, transparent policies, and high driver safety. Hire iOS app developers with necessary experience and good exposure to build an app like Lyft.

Top Lyft Features for Drivers
  • Driver-specific app with robust features
  • Drivers can earn from the riders as part of the good service offered
  • Drivers can opt for a flexible schedule and have the option to mark any ride as the last one
Top Lyft Features for Riders
  • Riders can connect and book their favorite drivers again
  • All Lyft drivers pass through BGC (background check) ensuring high security
  • Also provides shared carpooling service to save money
  • The app offers liability insurance to riders

3. Ola – Best Rideshare App in India

olacabs app
Ola is the best rideshare app and car booking company in India and a direct competitor of Uber. The app has over 450,000 drivers and offers its services to cities across the globe. Some of its top services include cab & taxi booking, intercity travelling, bike booking, and delivery services.

Notably the app has a significant share in the market with over $7.3 billion valuation as of 2021, and is known for its cheap rides. Mobile app development companies need to build robust app that can handle a large number of users.

Top Ola Features for Drivers
  • 24 x 7 customer support for drivers
  • Car leasing service available for drivers with no vehicle
  • Daily payouts to the drivers, ensuring healthy cash flow
Top Ola Features for Riders
  • Riders get comprehensive roadside assistance and insurance
  • Cabs are equipped with entertainment options such as music and videos
  • Both offline and online payment options
  • Advanced ride scheduling available with multiple options

4. Careem – Best Rideshare App in the Middle East and North Africa

careem app
Careem established its name successfully in the Middle East & North Africa region even after having tough competition from Uber. The app successfully understood the culture and the people to make its place in the market. With services in over 100 cities, the Dubai-based app has ventured into many other businesses as well such as payments, food & grocery delivery, ticket booking, service booking, and many more.

Note that Careem supports over 700,000 refugees by raising money through its rewards donation program. Finding a mobile app developer with ridesharing app development experience is crucial for top notch results.

Top Careem Features for Drivers
  • Drivers have the freedom to work whenever they want
  • Driver training available through different resources
  • Robust interface and features in the driver’s app
Top Careem Features for Riders
  • Easy & smooth payment options
  • Reward program for riders
  • Highly Competitive Pricing

5. BlaBla Car – Share Your Ride Costs

bla bla car app
BlaBla works a little differently from conventional car book apps like Uber & Ola. It is a French-based ridesharing app that allows users to list their vehicles on the app and empower other people to travel with them. The travelers share the expense of the trip, eventually reducing the overall trip cost for each party.

The drivers need to specify their route on the app. Similarly, the riders identify their required route and request the drivers to share the ride. BlaBla takes a 12% cut out of every successful booking and is a great option to save time, money, and the environment.  The app also comes under best rideshare apps for drivers list.

Top BlaBla Features for Drivers
  • Rating system for drivers – Bla for quiet ones, Bla Bla for talkative ones, and Bla Bla Bla for non-stop chatterboxes
  • Easy & quick to Post the trip for drivers
  • Option to accept or reject a request
Top BlaBla Features for Riders
  • ‘Women Only’ option for female travelers and their safety
  • Last-minute ride booking feature
  • Affordable rides for cost-savers

6. Curb – Best Rideshare App for Long-Distance

curb app
Curb also comes under the best rideshare apps list in the USA just like Uber & Lyft. The app has a fleet of 50,000 taxis for users and is available in over 65 cities. The platform had a partnership with Uber to provide users with better transportation options. Curb also allows its users to book rides in advance with a nominal $2 charge. The app has been a success in the US market and collects over $10 million tips are given to drivers each month on the app.The app never charges surge prices and markets itself as a transparent pricing taxi booking app. Another USP about the app is that it pays taxi drivers better than other players and still charges less from riders, making it one of the best rideshare apps for drivers. Hire iOS app developers with on-demand taxi booking app development so that no major issues are encountered in the process.

Top Curb Features for Drivers
  • The app pays drivers better than other ridesharing apps in the market
  • Work whenever and wherever you want to; set your own hours
  • App provides real-time earnings and trip data to drivers
Top Curb Features for Riders
  • “Request Now, Ride Later” option for riders that want to book a cab in advance
  • ‘Pair & Pay’ option if you are already in a cab, i.e. not booked through the app, and want to pay through the app
  • No surge prices after booking and a transparent & upfront pricing system

7. Gojek – More Than Just a Ridesharing App

gojek app
With a market valuation of more than $10 billion, GoJek is a top Southeast Asia car booking app that has also ventured into other businesses. The service ranges from food delivery, logistics, and transport, to entertainment. The app is similar to Careem & Grab and is present in over five countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Notably, the app is Indonesia’s first decacorn and generates over $5.3 billion in revenue currently. Further, it is quite difficult to create a ride sharing app like GoJek as it requires building multiple layers and continuous improvements.

Top GoJek Features for Drivers
  • GoJek provides Health & Life Insurance to all the drivers
  • Training resources courses and videos to learn life skills, business, and English
  • Special discounts to drivers on groceries, fuel, and other expenses
Top GoJek Features for Riders
  • The app offers a wide range of services to choose from users, offering everything under one umbrella
  • GoJek offers customers easy & varied payment options, both online & offline
  • Robust customer support and quick complaint resolve

8. Gett – Israel-Based Best Rideshare App

gett app
Gett, the top ridesharing app in Israel, serves over 100 cities globally, including US, UK, & Europe. The app is known for offering cheap rides to users and doesn’t charge extra during peak hours. The platform has a wide variety of riding options available, including limousines and cabs.

The services are similar to Uber & Lyft but the fares are less and the payout to drivers is better. Make sure to choose top Android app development companies as it demands better skills and latest tech tools.

Top Gett Features for Drivers
  • The app facilitates in-app tipping for drivers
  • Drivers can get daily payouts in their bank account
  • 24/7 live support for drivers and easy resolution of complaints
Top Gett Features for Riders
  • Gett has one of the most affordable pricing among all the players
  • Users can book a car for continuous two weeks or more
  • The app has on-boarded one of the top-rated & professional drivers

9. Via – The Affordable Carpooling Service

via app
Via is a top ridesharing app that operates in over 20 countries, under its brand in six countries, and through local partners in other countries. The app allows riders to book a car travelling in the same direction, i.e. carpooling. This way, the platform markets itself as a sustainable brand that reduces carbon footprints while saving money. Hire iOS app developers that have past experience in travel mobile app development for better results.The app is based in New York and was co-founded by Daniel Ramot with an aim to fill the empty seats of a car going in a particular direction. Notably, Via operates 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Top Via Features for Drivers
  • Drivers who do not have a vehicle, Via offers a ‘rent a car’ system for them to earn
  • Drivers are eligible to earn a commission upon successfully referring other drivers
  • A dedicated app is available for drivers to track earnings, trips, and much more
Top Via Features for Riders
    • Riders get an affordable commuting option by sharing the trip cost
    • Real time customer support available 24/7 for users
    • Users can earn free riding credits upon successful referrals
    • Corner-to-corner pickup service available to users

10. Bridj – Best Long Distance Best Rideshare Apps

bridj app
Bridj is an on-demand bus service founded by Gabe Klein that allows riders commuting in the same direction to book a luxury shuttle with Wifi, leather seats, and more facilities. Currently, the app is working in Sydney exclusively and was acquired by Australia-based Transit System in 2017. Notably, Bridj is one of the best long distance rideshare apps in Australia and uses some advance mobile app development tools for its robust functionality.

The cost of a single journey is flat $3.10 or $1.6 for subscription card holders. The app is mainly used to commute a group of people, all manageable from the app.

Top Bridj features for Drivers
  • Bridj offers Training resources to drivers
  • Dedicated apps for drivers to track trip history, earnings, and more
  • Table access to all the drivers that track bookings
Top Bridj features for Riders
  • The app allows credit card payment for riders
  • The buses are equipped with top facilities like Wi-Fi, USB charging, and leather seats
  • Priority access to disabled people
  • Navigation to pickup locations is provided to riders

11. Heetch

heetech app
Heetch is one of the best ridesharing apps that currently operates in France, Belgium, Angola, and Morocco and was started in 2013.  The popular ride hailing app offers taxi, VTC, Moto, and LVC services to users at an affordable price, allowing them to pay using multiple payment options. The app is highly rated on App Store & Play Store both.

Building an app like Heetch is a complex task as the platform has a lot of functionalities and out of the box UI/UX. Thus, it becomes essential to hire a top mobile app development company in India that offers best in class service at the most affordable prices.

Top Heetch Features for Drivers
  • Drivers can refer another driver and get referral benefits
  • Monitor monthly, daily, or weekly earnings using reports & analytics dashboard
  • Multiple shifts available to make more money
Top Heetch Features for Riders
  • The app offers real time alerts to the riders about the status of the ride
  • The app provides a Fare estimate to the riders based on the distance & location
  • Users can book the ride for others and can also pay on their behalf

12. Wingz – One of the Best Rideshare Apps

wingz app
Wingz is another rising ride hailing app that is popular in the Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, and Georgia markets. The app charges a 12% commission on rides from drivers and majorly on-boards freelance drivers for long trips and airport pickups. Apart from this, the app also offers non-emergency medical transportation to the users. However, the prices of the app are little on the higher side when compared with other top ridesharing apps like Lyft or Uber.

The requirements to be a driver on Wingz are – Valid Driving License, 21+ years’ age, vehicle insurance, and a smartphone. The average trip earns $51 per ride on the Wingz platform.

Top Wingz Features for Drivers
  • Payment is better than other ride hailing apps like Lyft or Uber
  • Most Riders are business travelers, thus drivers can expect a good tip over the fare
  • Driver app’s UI/UX is easy to navigate & understand
Key Wingz Features for Riders
  • Users can book their rides up to two months in advance and avoid last minute chaos
  • There are no surge prices on the app and charges a flat rate on rides
  • Choose from your own list of favorite drivers and get a personalized experience

13. GoKid

gokid app
GoKid came to offer an extraordinary solution to the people where other ride sharing apps like Lyft or Uber left the gap. The platform offers carpooling service to minors and makes life easy for working parents. GoKid was founded in New York and currently operates in over 25 countries.

The platform’s business model is out of the box as the drivers are other parents that are free on a particular day to drop their kids and thus take your kids also along with them. In other words, GoKid connects parents with other families to use carpooling for their kids, reducing the safety concerns in this way too. The platform is rated 4.3 & 3.7 on the App Store and Play Store, respectively.

Top GoKid Features for Drivers
  • Invite family & friends from your contact list
  • Drivers can message the riders within the app, avoiding the number sharing chaos.
  • Pick-ups & drops are in line with your route
Top GoKid Features for Riders
  • Real time tracking of the journey status for parents
  • No major monetary role involved, i.e. drivers & riders are working on mutual favors
  • No major concern for safety of the kid, i.e. low risk

14. Bolt

bolt app
Formerly known as Taxify, Bolt is one of the largest ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft globally, that serves over 45+ countries. The company was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig in Tallin as Taxify and then was rebranded in 2019 as Bolt. The platform’s user base is huge (more than 150 million customers) and boasts over 3 million drivers. Some of the top services offered include food delivery, grocery delivery, ride sharing, and car sharing.

Bolt secured revenue of 1.3 billion Euros in 2022 and is planning to launch its IPO in 2025. Notably, the app is among the highest rated ridesharing apps globally, with 4.8/5 star rating by 5.55 million users on Play Store and 121K users on App Store.

Top Bolt Features for Drivers
  • Riders rating feature for drivers to rate & review their passengers
  • Contact the riders within the app by messaging or calling them
  • Check the estimated ride fare before the trip starts to get a better idea
Top Bolt Features for Riders
  • Save your favorite locations on the map and mark them
  • Multiple stops option in between a ride to avoid multi-booking
  • Emergency assist within the app to report any emergency or contact support team

How To Develop A Rideshare App?

How To Develop A Rideshare App

1. Market Research

Researching and analyzing the existing market is a crucial step for your platform’s success. Start by observing the competitors and their strategies to understand the work required to be done. Come up with the vacuum that people feel in the industry and then try to fill the gap.

Know that the ridesharing and booking industry is growing at an unprecedented rate and there are already a lot of competitors in the field.

2. USP

Your ridesharing app needs to have a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in the market to stand in the market. Identifying all the features and coming up with a product that offers better service than other players at an affordable price is the key to success. Notably, you need to understand the features of the three parties here, namely drivers, passengers, and admin.

The crucial question here is – how to come up with a USP for the product? By researching and analyzing the current market conditions and competitors. You will come up with current shortcomings and the solution to address them.

3. Developing MVP

MVP stands for ‘Minimum Viable Product’ and developing an MVP is essential to test the product and attract early users. You also have the option to launch a fully developed finished product but the solution is not cost effective. The primary use case of an MVP is to build a basic application with all the important functionality. It can be helpful in gaining valuable feedback and captivate investors.

However, make sure to hire only a trusted on-demand app development company for a viable finished product.

4. Evaluation

Product evaluation is necessary prior to launching your product in the market. Getting your ridesharing app tested by a Quality Analyst professional ensures smooth running. It also makes sure no bugs and issues after the release.

5. Feedback

Once the product is launched in the market, collect the required feedback from the users. It helps in gaining valuable insights and the changes required to make it a success. The process also helps in building a finished & fully functional product.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Rideshare Apps?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Rideshare Apps

The cost of developing a ridesharing app varies greatly, depending upon the functionality and several other factors. Some of the top factors that influence the cost to build an app like Uber are –

  • Developer Location
  • Technology Stack Required
  • Number of Platforms
  • Application Design
  • Developer’s Price

However, the total cost will still range between $50,000 and $100,000, depending on your requirements. To give you a good idea, the per-hour cost of a development company in India is between $20 and $40. Below is a table that describes the cost to develop an app like Uber with an average rate of $30/hour.

Closing Thought

So, this was the final list of best rideshare apps 2023 that people are using most. Even after Uber pioneered the industry, many other competitors still came and made a mark in the industry. If you want to build an app like Uber or Lyft, then choosing a app development agency with the required skills is necessary. A good partner will assist you in the market as well as the development journey.

Best Ridesharing Apps – Top FAQ’s

1. What is the best app for getting a ride?

Uber & Lyft are two best rideshare apps globally that offer affordable services to users along with complete safety.

2. What rideshare apps is the cheapest?

Indian ridesharing app, Ola, offers most affordable ridesharing solutions to users.

3. What is the most profitable ride share?

Uber is considered the most profitable cab booking company crossing revenue of $31.8 billion in 2022.

4. How much does it cost to build a ridesharing app?

A ridesharing app costs anywhere between $60,000 and $200,000, depending upon several factors

5. What Future does Ridesharing Apps Hold?

Ridesharing app market is expected to reach $218 billion by 2025 with a CAGR of 22% from 2020 to 2025.

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