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13 Best Apps Like Omegle

January 12, 2024

Digitization has brought immense changes in the world. One of the biggest changes came across is; ‘meeting new people through apps.’ Nowadays apps like Omegle allow users to connect with new random people online; where they can share thoughts, converse with each other, and become good friends. Random online meetings with people are a bit of a doubtful concept; therefore these applications demand personal information and verified registration.

The demand for these applications is skyrocketing in the marketplace. That is why many entrepreneurs are considering building apps like Omegle as a new business start. They are looking for proficient mobile app development companies in India, which can build an agile application for them.

Here we are giving 13 best apps like Omegle in this blog; so that entrepreneurs will be able to understand what they should opt for, how they should plan, and also to bring some new ideas about their own app development.

So let’s get started.

Omegle Growth and Market Stats

Omegle net worth is $504 Million (estimation). Every year revenue of Omegle is estimated at $216 Million. It is a global social media network platform, which picks up random strangers and pairs them up. In 2022, it has been recorded that Omegle has over 50 Million users monthly visitors. Even more, the user base increased to 70.6 Million visits till April 2023.

Omegle is constantly growing at a higher pace. If someone is thinking of building an app like Omegle, then be ready to get profits ue to its high demand in the marketplace for successful app development. Ensure you get some unique possible ideas to make this application a bit different yet impressive compared to others for more approaches and visitor retention.

Overview on the Omegle App

Omegle came into an introduction on March 25th, 2009 in the marketplace. It is the biggest chatting website in the modern world, where strangers meet new people online and communicateomegle like apps with each other. This application leverages strangers to chat and make audio & video calls to strangers.

It is easier to work with Omegle, all you have to do is register on the website and mention your interests to start the chatting process with strangers. You will come to know people from different cultures religions, and mindset.

Here we will talk about some great features of Omegle and afterwards discuss the alternatives of it to catch up with other applications too.

Features of Omegle

  • Meet Random Strangers
  • No Registration Required
  • Online Texting, Audio, and Video Chat Feature
  • Quick and seamless user experience
  • Spy-Mode

List of Apps like Omegle

S.No Apps Like Omegle Country Origin Founding Year Rating Platform
1 Yalla UAE 2016 4.1 Android | iOS
2 Azar South Korea 2013 3.9 Android | iOS
3 Chatous USA 2012 3.5 Android | iOS
4 TopFace Turkey 2011 4.1 Android | iOS
5 Rooit USA 2016 2.6 Android | iOS
6 AHA India 2020 4.3 Android | iOS
7 Fav Talk Japan 2011 3.3 Android | iOS
8 Frill Live USA 2019 4.3 iOS
9 LiveMe China 2016 3.8 Android | iOS
10 Mico China 1968 4.3 Android | iOS
11 CooMeet UK 2011 3.6 Android | iOS
12 ChatSpin USA 2000 3.9 Android | iOS
13 YouNow USA 2011 3.8 Android | iOS

Top 13 Best Apps like Omegle

1. Yalla


Yalla is a similar kind of app like Omegle, but it has more variations in its features. Just like Omegle, Yalla helps to connect with strangers through texting, audio, and video chatting. The application is unique with its features; like the users can use variations of group chat rooms to mingle with strangers. Also, the app is featured with some more add-on filters, user verification, and background themes to ensure safety purposes. Moreover, the users can find random strangers with the same passion and interests through the application.

  • Public Chat Rooms
  • Private Conversations
  • Chat Games
  • Virtual Gifts

2. Azar


Azar is another Omegle like apps that is turning out to be everyone’s favorite application to approach strangers and meet new similar passions like people. The users can only access Azar if they are 18+. It is a great application, which allows great user experience and performance. This application connects users with hundreds, thousands, and more users; who are looking to have a great time through texts, audio, and video chatting. It has certain filters, which enable the users to get auto-translate features allowing the users to talk with everyone freely.

  • Discovering new people
  • Auto-Translation
  • Add New People to your First List
  • Attractive Filters and Impressive Backgrounds

3. Chatous


Chatous is a random stranger meeting chat apps like Omegle; which has become the most popular application in the younger generation. Features integrated in Chatous are similar to Azar and Omegle. Users can’t text or video chat with strangers. Even more; the users can utilize filters and hashtags helping them to find the right person for them. Additionally, the application permits the users to share photos, audio, and videos with strangers during the running chatting sessions.

  • Use hashtags to meet the right person
  • Users can be involved in online texts and video chats.
  • Users can share their expiring photos, audio, and videos.

4. TopFace


TopFace is basically a Russian Dating App; which is just similar to Omegle. The majority of users on TopFace want to mingle with Russians and date them. It is a platform, where the users can flirt with each other, and make audio and video calls for fun. People might get scared of using such apps, but TopFace ensures higher-level security as well as hides the user’s real identity.

  • 100+ Million Users Across the Globe
  • Online Audio and Video Chatting
  • Keeps your identity as an anonymous user
  • The safest and most secure platform built for dating purposes only

5. Rooit


Rooit is one of the other apps like Omegle that permits users to meet similar tastes and perspectives kind of strangers and date them. This application permits you to communicate in a variety of chat rooms without revealing your real identity. The choice to reveal your identity depends upon you; if you want them to know they will; otherwise not. There are some additional features included in Rooit; such as magnificent themes, search filters, and role-playing games that help the users to meet the right suitable mate on the application.

  • Play fun games
  • Privacy is completely secured
  • Addition of Attractive Themes

6. AHA


AHA is one of the dedicated video chat apps, that offers similar features to Omegle. Users can interact with new people and date them across the globe. The application provides a safe & secure platform for users to meet similar vibes and similar thoughts kinds of people to make video calls and have a good & fun time. To register yourself on AHA, you will require social media accounts. There are some additional features included; such as a visual background that gives appealing themes, some effects, stickers, and many more attractions.

  • Exclusive video chatting options are available
  • Thriving Effects and Filters
  • Support of Multi-Languages

7. Fav Talk

Fav Talk

Fav Talk is a text-free chat app that enables users to connect with strangers across the globe. It is a very easy-to-navigate application, the users just have to create an account with all their interests mentioned. Once you have created the account, then you are all ready to talk to anyone in the world. Additionally, Fav Talk offers similar features to Omegle where you will find people with similar kind of interests to talk. Do not count on second thoughts when using the application, because the app will verify the user’s account by the time of registration.

  • Easier User-Interface for seamless navigation
  • Control on privacy
  • Chance to meet similar interest kind of people with similar through the application

8. Frill Live

Frill live

Frill Live is yet another app like Omegle, where you can connect with new people across the globe of similar interests. What’s best about Frill Live is that it offers a dynamic platform where you will get multiple similar interest kinds of people similar to chat, go live streaming with them, and also to watch amazing videos. The users can create a chat room, where they can enjoy video calls with buddies to spend some fun time. There are some additional features in the application; such as face filters, aesthetically appealing effects, and attractive background themes.

  • Live-Streaming
  • Create Live Chatting Rooms with Buddies
  • Virtual Gifts for Buddies

9. LiveMe


LiveMe is the best alternative app like Omegle, which includes tons of incredible features. This application permits users to text, make audio calls, and chat via video calls with similar interests, kind of strangers, and friends. Moreover, one can also increase their following, which automatically increases the interaction of users with more strangers.

You know, the users can also make money through live streaming on the app. Those who are willing to earn money online are mostly preferring this application; which allows them to earn with fun. That is why, the application is beating the records and becoming the most desirable online chatting app platform. Do not worry about the security features while using this application. The app ensures for higher-level security, but the users have to register themselves with their social media accounts here.

  • Make Money Online via Live Streaming
  • Discover similar interests with strangers to make new friends
  • Live Streaming is possible here
  • Attractive Filters and Effects for more Interaction of users

10. Mico


Mico is one fully-fledged app like Omegle, which allows one to meet thousands & more new people online and discover them to make new friends. Undeniably, Omegle has skyrocketed in the market, therefore other applications are trying to integrate some uniqueness into their app functionalities to add up value competitive to Omegle.

Mico offers certain features; such as an interactive user interface, live group chatting with friends, sharing virtual gifts with each other, real-time auto translations during chatting with people across the globe, and live streaming. There are many incredible features included in Mico, which makes it the best app for users.

  • Meet new strangers with similar interests
  • Live video streaming features integrated into the application
  • Auto-Translation of Languages in Real-Time
  • Live Video Chatting is Possible

11. CooMeet


CooMeet is the right platform for those, who are looking for an app with higher-level security, and meaningful connections, and it does not provide inappropriate content. It is the most secure and fulfilling online chat application, serving as the best alternative to Omegle. CooMeet promises to deliver the most engaging, secure, and best online chatting experience across the globe with great features implemented.

  • Improvised and assured security with maintained privacy
  • User-Friendly Interface with Seamless User-Experience
  • Only approve to Varified and Genuine Profiles
  • Advanced features implied for the premium users

12. ChatSpin


Omegle is known to provide a platform to millions of users for finding their like-minded new stranger friends. It has anonymous chat features, and also to build verified connections without revealing the true identity of anyone. Coming to the right alternative to Omegle, ChatSpin has never disappointed its vast user base. This application ensures for app’s agile functionalities and also considers all the concerning factors like security and privacy of users.

  • Controllable Chatting Environment (Advanced Safety and Security Measures Followed Up)
  • Advanced and Latest Tech-Based Filter Options
  • Easy Navigation and User-Friendly Experience
  • Mobile-Friendly Accessibility

13. YouNow


YouNow is an open and transparent online chatting app platform, which creates a very healthy and secure environment for users to chat with new strangers across the globe. It creates a meaningful community of followers for the users; which automatically improves user interaction retention.

  • Live Broadcasting Possible
  • Purchase of Virtual Currency and Monetization
  • Moderation Tools available in YouNow (Safer and Positive Environment for the users)

How Much Does it Cost to Build Apps like Omegle?

The average cost to build an app like Omegle is $15000-$30000. If you demand a feature-rich app integrated with the latest advancements in technologies, then a comprehensive omegle-like application might reach up to $150,000 for development. You must focus on finding a mobile app developer to get a robust app as desired.

The cost increases, when the demand for additional features and integrations increases in the application. Simultaneously, there are some other factors as well affect the cost of mobile app development like Omegle; such as

  • Implementation of Advanced Features
  • Complexity of the Application
  • Privacy and Safety Measures
  • Integration of Social Media
  • Analytics and Insights
  • Filters and Moderations adding in the Application
  • Location of mobile app development agency


Chatting and enjoying video calls under the name of anonymous users is really exciting. Among all the social media platforms; the facet of online chatting platforms is dynamically increasing its demand. Omegle is the one online chat platform; where millions and more people are chit-chatting with strangers and spending fun times.

Apps like Omegle are increasing their demand at a higher pace. Therefore, every entrepreneur is thinking of developing an app like Omegle to gain a vast user base with unpredictable profits. We have demonstrated many best alternatives to Omegle; so this market evaluation on every app will help you to understand what best mobile app development trends practices and add-ons you can implement during your online chat application development.

Ensure to hire the best iOS and Android app development companies, who have expertise and knowledge with years of experience in building mobile applications with the latest technologies and implementations.

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