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Best Driving Apps to Make Money in 2024

May 01, 2024

For every average and middle-class individual, their owned cars are a major expense to them. The expense does not only mean purchasing an expensive vehicle, but it is also about the recurring expenses after making the car purchase; such as repair, maintenance, fuel cost, monthly car payment, car insurance, etc.

What if we tell you that your cars can make money and pay for their extra expenses on their own? Yes, do not wonder at all. You can utilize the driving apps, which enable the vehicle to make money.

The blog will share some of the best driving apps to make money. These applications will turn your vehicle into a good money-making source. Let’s know these driving apps to manage your car expenses, and also make extra money though.

What is a Driver’s App to Make Money?

Driving apps are those, where the drivers are connected to the consumers and deliver the services. In these applications; the drivers have to register on the application and fill in necessary information; such as the driver’s name, contact number, vehicle number (if req.), etc. After registering, they can work for grocery or food delivery, ride for people, do package deliveries, and catch up with other driving services too. These services are possible with their vehicles, which is why we said that your car can be another money-making source.

Some Facts and Stats about Driving Apps

Let’s crunch the numbers and know where we are stepping ahead:

  • Uber generated $31.8 Bn in revenue in 2022 with a rise of 82% increase year-by-year.
  • Lyft made $4.09 billion in revenue in 2022.
  • FedEx generated annual revenue of US$94 Billion in the fiscal year 2022.
  • The United States continues to hold the top spot with a 90.48% market share in DoorDash Market.

The revenues are crossing billions, the market of driving apps expanding, and simultaneously demands are also extending. Meantime with the increased demand, the driver’s and app’s demand will also increase; which opens huge gateways for them to make more money to the drivers and entrepreneurs.

List of Driving Apps to Make Money

Driving apps are the most convenient and simple way to make extra money. These apps are divided into different categories; such as – food delivery driver apps, ridesharing driver apps, parcel delivery driver apps, and more. In every category, we have several live or existing application examples:

Food and Grocery Delivery Apps

food and grocery delivery apps

Driving and delivering food to the doorstep is a basic money-making source, where you can work for as many hours as you want. The drivers are responsible for building their genuine profile with names, contact numbers, driver’s licenses, car insurance, and other required basic information on the application. Also, the drivers can schedule working hours as per their availability.

Here are some driving apps to make money through food delivery; such as:

App Name Downloads Rating Platform
DoorDash 50M+ 4.7 Android | iOS
Instacart 10M+ 4.2 Android | iOS
UberEats 100M+ 3.7 Android | iOS
GrubHub 10M+ 4.6 Android | iOS
1. DoorDash


DoorDash is an empowered food delivery app renowned among people in more than 50+ cities in the US. The drivers need to register on the app with basic required information. When the profile is built, later the drivers can make money by taking orders through the DoorDash app. Moreover, the drivers can take leverage of fixing their active working hours. They can work for 2-3-4 or how many hours according to interest and availability.

DoorDash calls their drivers Dashers to whom it offers numerous perks; such as helping with savings and rewards, tracking earnings, opportunity to work anytime 24*7.

2. Instacart


Instacart is an on-demand grocery delivery app, where you can drive and deliver grocery items to consumer’s doorstep to make money. The drivers need to register with ID proofs, documentation, driver’s licenses, and other details. Also, they can communicate with consumers through the app only for prompt delivery.

However, the driver must be of 18 years of age, must have a car and insurance, a smartphone for connectivity, and must lift around 50+ pounds.

3. UberEats


Uber Eats is the food delivery app, which is known as the food version of Uber. The drivers are supposed to pick up food items from the restaurant, and later deliver to the consumer’s doorstep. The users can make money by delivering food in their area only. However, you need to be 19 years old to become a driver of Uber Eats. The user is supposed to clear the background check, and then you are liable to start making money immediately.

4. GrubHub


GrubHub is also like other food delivery apps, which is most popular among consumers. This application has tied up with 100,000+ restaurants and cafes. However, GrubHub is a bit different with one feature that is; drivers are restricted to a selected zone for selected deliveries, whereas other apps let the drivers gig for any location for pick-ups and deliveries. It lets drivers earn $12 per hour, and even the drivers can withdraw payment instantly when they are short on funds.

Package Delivery Driver App

package delivery driver app

It is also a great side hustle, where you do not need to drive for people, but drive to deliver packages to people. There are many package driving apps to make money, just register yourself on the app:

App Name Downloads Rating Platform
Amazon Flex 100K 2.8 Android | iOS
FedEx 10M+ 4.1 Android | iOS
UPS 10M+ 3.8 Android | iOS
1. Amazon Flex

amazon flex

Package delivery through Amazon Flex is an amazing idea to generate more money. You will get paid for every hour. To attain this job the driver needs to register himself with the required information. When you are registered with the application, later you can search for the delivery timings and select your available areas. However, this application is fair enough to earn more and pays somewhere around $18 per/hour. Besides having so many perks working with Amazon Flex, you will be responsible for your tax and other expenses payable as an individual contractor.

1. FedEx


Among other best driving apps, FedEx got good ratings and reviews from its employees. This organization has good value and reputation in the marketplace for shipping services. Besides the streamlined and smooth shipping services, FedEx also hires drivers for package delivery on a contract basis. The drivers working here are happy due to the competitive money-making opportunity. Additionally, this company also provides bonuses or incentives to its drivers if they meet or exceed their targeted deliveries.

2. UPS


UPS is focused on hiring delivery partners for their packages every day. This application or organization has got the largest employers globally. Adequately, they get most of the driver’s requests during holidays and for part-time jobs. However, the drivers can earn up to $20 per hour, as stated by Indeed. Earning this much during the holidays or in a part-time job is a justified amount to make money and at least the car can pay its own expenses.

Driver Apps to Drive People

driver apps to drive people

Besides delivering food; you can also make money by driving across the town. You heard about ride sharing apps. These are more social applications that also pay more compared to other driving apps. So get your car out, done with car insurance, and take people on drives.

App Name Downloads Rating Platform
Uber 500M+ 4.5 Android | iOS
Lyft 50M+ 5 Android | iOS
Waze Carpool 500M+ 4.1 Android | iOS
1. Uber


When it comes to learning about the driver’s app through ridesharing, Uber ranks at 1st. Just like other applications; the drivers have to register on it with their name, contacts, driver’s license, car insurance, etc. This application will notify drivers whenever a person demands a ride in the nearby area, and drivers can either accept or reject the rides as per their convenience and availability. Moreover, Uber drivers can earn more through incentives and rewards. However, the amount of earnings depends upon a few factors; such as when you are taking rides, distance between pick-up and drop location, and how often you drive.

2. Lyft


Lyft is yet more similar to driving apps like Uber, where the drivers are supposed to pick up rides and drive through a defined location. The only difference between Uber and Lyft is their payment; where the Lyft payment varies on the town you are in and other people in town might be using other apps also to drive. So here the driver can work for both at a time and later when the income is observed well and then decide where or which platform to stay to continue making money.

3. Waze Carpool


Waze driving app is a ridesharing app; where the drivers and riders connect to share their similar routes. The drivers and riders, both will enter their destination in the app, and the algorithm will match both if the location from both ends is the same. Drivers can make extra money while going on the same route, and riders can save money by sharing the ride with another.

How To Build Driving Apps to Make Money?

No wonder, registering yourself to the safe driving apps is letting countless people make extra money. Moreover, many folks took driving app leverages for full-time work as well.

However, there are many entrepreneurs as well trying to build such apps and registering drivers with them to build a large-scale enterprise. If you are among those who want to create such an application, here is a step-by-step guide mentioned below for building driving apps to make money.

Conduct a Competitive Research

The very first step for any app development is to conduct competitive research. The research includes analyzing one’s own ideas, making plans for further development, understanding what the marketplace is demanding, learning what the competitors are doing, and making an all-over observation to know what and how to process further.

UI/UX Design

To grasp the attention of the audience, it is very important to build an app with attractive and intuitive designs. The designers will create digital sketches, layouts, elements, interactions, animations, and many other things that suit their app’s concept best. Once the wireframe is ready, now the last thing to do is prototyping. The prototype will let clients and developers get the entire workflow structure and user experience.

App Development

When the designs are ready, here the app requires development with its back-end and front-end phases. The mobile app developer will choose back-end technologies, set programming language, and do coding to set the database and server-side object for higher app performance. Once the back-end is settled, now front-end development will be initiated; which is responsible for allowing the user interaction to be seamless.

Mobile App Testing

Once the developers say that the mobile app is developed; then the quality analysts are responsible for cross-checking the app to make sure it is stable, free from bugs, performing well, functions working appropriately, security is assured, and working well on a dedicated platform or device.


When the development and quality assurance are done, lastly the mobile app is ready to deploy/launch. The deployment section is quite simple, where the application will be submitted to the app store or Play Store for distribution further in the marketplace.

Support and Maintenance after Deployment

There are many mobile app development agencies that serve post-deployment services as well. This is an optional service, which is advantageous if one takes it. Here the developers will be monitoring the application after launch to identify if it is working well, performing rightly, or if there are any alterations required. The post-deployment service varies upon the contract you have signed; somewhere it is for 3 months, somewhere 6 months, or even maybe 1 year.

People with different mindsets are going to choose driving apps to make money in different ways. Some choose the apps to become drivers, whereas some choose the apps to become the competitive brand to other existing applications.

If you are entrepreneurial, then you better seek suggestions through us, “ADA”. The App Development Agency (ADA) has a list of professional and expert mobile app development companies. You can discuss the plan for development with our experts, and we will suggest the best app development company that will work adhering to all the quality measures and build a robust app within budget.

Are You Ready With the Best Driving Apps to Make Money?

This entire blog shows you how drivers can earn extra, or even entrepreneurs can also build an app to initiate a start-up venture. The choice is yours!
No wonder driving apps to make money are helping many people, even more than expected. The employment rates are already slowing down, and this is an option where anyone can make extra money without acquiring such smart professional degrees. So why wait for it anymore? Think and pick your choice of plan for the best driving apps to make money immediately to start making extra bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best driving app to make money?

There are different driving apps available in different categories; such as package delivery, food & grocery delivery, ride sharing apps, etc. The drivers can pick any one category and choose any driving app that suits them best and relates to their interests as well as money making.

How do these driving apps help in making money?

The people who own cars need to register themselves and create profiles on driving apps. Once their profile is built and cross-verified by the admins & authorities; then you are ready to take orders and make money.

Is there any opportunity to make money with incentives and rewards?

There are certain driving applications to make money. Along with the total earnings, several apps provide incentives and rewards to the drivers as well. Apps like Uber, postmates, Lyft, Amazon Flex, and more can help drivers to earn more, and make additional money through bonuses and incentives.

How much money can drivers make through driving apps?

There are no such fixed earnings. The drivers can earn as much as they want according to their active working hours.

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