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Enlivening Artificial Intelligence in Your Business

October 18, 2021
Let’s find out how do AI Developers cognize and employ the solutions and benefits of AI in their applications!
Artificial intelligence handles data-intensive workloads from data preparation to refined training models. It requires purpose-built servers, simple classification, and pattern recognition tasks and systems capable of using historical data to make predictions. Machine learning advanced in the 21st century bringing many relevant breakthroughs like self-driving cars, virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri. Narrow or weak AI with savant-like skills to demonstrate human-level intelligence and consciousness is still a work in progress. Read More
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August 10, 2021

9 Easy Steps for Cloud App Migration

Application development isn’t easy. Neither is the choice to select architecture – a programming language – a database – a security solution. All this requires careful planning to ensure safety and overall user experience. Is there a need to migrate your on-premises application to the cloud or opt for a cloud-native approach like SaaS, PaaS, … Read More
July 13, 2021

How Does Artificial Intelligence Effectuate Mobile Applications?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Companies learn from critical user-generated data that can guide corporate decisions. It fixes complex business issues, introduces intelligence in mobile applications, predicts and responds according to desired user behaviour. It bridges the gap between customers and businesses like never before. AI pulls in improved security. It learns from a user’s repeated … Read More
June 29, 2021

How Blockchain Spurs The Internet of Things?

It works in three simple steps (however complexities follow): As each transaction occurs, it becomes a “block” of data Each block connects to the ones before and after it Transactions are blocked together in an irreversible chain: a blockchain How does Blockchain technology work? Blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger (can only be written once) … Read More
June 08, 2021

Emerging Technology Trends to Vouch For in 2021

Here’s a takeaway – If you give speed and performance to your customers, they will provide dedication and reliability. While overture techniques work faster than the defunct Concorde, the new way of doing things comes in mid-range and makes things look better. Technologies that will prevail in 2021: AI and Machine Learning, Edge Computing, Quantum … Read More
December 12, 2020

The Possibilities of IoT in Healthcare: Applications, Benefits and Challenges

These solutions can help control the higher costs associated with personalized healthcare amenities being offered in different markets to different demographics at different rates and are likely to improve patient satisfaction by offering high-quality treatment at reduced wait times. Let’s check out some of the IoT based applications in healthcare. Some IoT based Solutions for … Read More
July 04, 2020

Apache Spark vs Hadoop: Which Big Data Framework Is Preferable?

Big Data is a part of Data Science that is based on the volume, velocity and variety. It is just the unfathomed data, flowing from various sources, which has the immense potential to propel just about any industry. This large chunk of scattered and unstructured data lying in the digital universe requires proper management and … Read More

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