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Finding a Mobile App Developer in 2021: Things to Know

September 22, 2021
Here are tips to simplify your app developer search process!
Well-designed mobile applications are pertinent as more consumers use mobile phones as their primary devices. It effectuates the design of the mobile app to facilitate consumers to - (1) complete their transactions, (2) gather information, and (3) contact their business with an easy-to-navigate interface that doesn't frustrate users and features that assure them their personal information is safe.

An example is an online marketplace that never retires. Businesses need to think of ways to entertain and engage their customers. The public must shop seamlessly, the checkout process is accessible, and the business can retain potential customers. Most importantly, the customers must be able to interact with the company 24/7.

So, if you’re looking for developers who can develop a mobile app that allows users to accomplish what they want to do and keeps your customers coming back to the app and your business for more, analyze the following points:

How to find a skilled app developer?

An app developer requires to understand the app development life cycle:

  1. Strategy – Define strategic goals for evolving your idea into a successful app.
  2. UI/UX Design – Create seamless and effortless user experiences with a polished design.
  3. Testing – Validate your app’s quality thoroughly with a series of testing criteria. It includes – User Experience Testing, Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Device and Platform Testing.
  4. Analysis and Planning – Identify requirements, define team structures, and prepare product roadmaps.
  5. App Development – Develop back end, API, and mobile app following agile development process.
  6. Deployment and Support – Launch the app on ‘Apple’ and ‘Google app stores’ with support for future revisions.

What do app developers do?

There can be more than one programming language and technology stack for building mobile apps – the key is picking a suitable one for your mobile app.

Developers need to:

  • Define the technical architecture
  • Pick a technology stack
  • Define the development milestones

They also need to align:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) communicate (1) app back-end, (2) database, and (3) mobile app front end.
  • Make the application go through user experience testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing and device and platform testing;
  • Design – development – testing follows releasing the native or hybrid mobile apps to app stores – Apple/Google. Once submitted in the app stores, the application goes through a review process which may take from a few days to several weeks depending on the quality of your app and how closely it follows the development guidelines. If your app requires users to log in, then you will need to provide Apple with a test user account as part of the release.
  • There isn’t any review process with Android Apps, and they become available in the app store after few hours of submission. You still need to monitor its usage through mobile analytics platforms and track Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for measuring your app’s success. You also need to check crash reports and other user-reported issues.
  • Developers encourage users to provide their company with feedback and suggestions for their app. They even prompt support for end-users and frequently patching the app with improvements. It is also vital to keep their users engaged.
  • Mobile apps developers have to consider going through a similar submission and review process as the initial submission. They stay on top of technology advancements and routine updates with their native mobile apps, new mobile devices and OS platforms.

How to choose app developers for your business?

Some app development companies only have one developer, while others have hundreds. It is not just the overall size of the team that matters but also their composition.

Most companies have a combination of roles like front-end developers, back-end developers, UI/UX designers, project managers – but you can determine what sort of project the company uses (based on a particular ratio).

Having more front-end developers’ means they might work on ‘basic’ sites with minimal functionality.

Having more back-end developers indicate that they work on more complex applications.

The project managers to developers’ ratio indicate what you might interact with and what services you will be paying for;

The size of a project should dictate the ratio of the roles above, with larger projects having additional management and smaller ones emphasizing design and development.

What to consider while looking for app developers?

  • Check for a list of specific technologies that mobile app development companies are looking for;
  • Check their career page and relevant blogs to match your existing skillset with their requirements.
  • Figure out if they use a single “Stack” for all projects or varies.
  • Figure out how popular their technology stacks are.
  • Figure out who else is using the same stack.
  • Figure out how often they move in between stacks at some points in their environment.
  • Discuss the recommended stack with someone in the company and learn why they recommend a particular approach.
  • Have a passionate argument over languages and technologies
  • Determine the length and width of the project
  • Learn about how long have they been in business?
  • Learn about how much turnover do they have?
  • Learn about how much repeat business do they have?
  • Evaluate a company’s online reviews
  • Know if they have successful projects to showcase

In Conclusion: Need App Developers for Your Project?

Finding an app developer is a multi-level task that might take several days to get through. It involves many factors ‘including’ their overall and relevant experience, cost to hire, location (in case of outsourcing), demographics, understanding of the organization’s vision. We hope that this article brings insight and eases your search, follow us for more!

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