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Steering Logistics via Uber for Freight App

April 08, 2020

Freight and Logistics Business connects truck owners to businesses who wish to move goods. Truck brokers are matching rides to vehicles, minimizing wasted miles, making use of algorithms to set prices based on supply and demand. The logistics and freight industry facilitates the trade entrepreneurial activities between multiple parties by means of storing and transporting services by land, air, and water while adapting to the changing nature of the economic patterns and digitization. This industry formed the basis of international trade worth over 5.5 trillion euros until 2018. Germany leads the trade followed by China-based on freight revenue.

The Need: What impedes the Logistics and Freight Industry?

Logistics is impeded by its fragmentation – and the major cause is the thousands of small trucking carriers who need intermediaries to transact business with shippers. Such brokers typically rely on telephone calls to engage the parties which are not the most efficient or cost-effective means of moving freight in an age of on-demand commerce. In this era of instant apps, GPS navigation and the cloud, brokers on a telephone are an antiquated and costly way of arranging shipments. This fragmentation of industry creates the need for brokers to interact with multiple carriers on behalf of a shipper to determine their availability, followed by price haggling and back-office administrative headaches. This tracking, arranging and completing the shipments alone takes hundreds of phone calls each day. According to the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, the profitability of a trucking business only depends upon how well the business is run.

The Solution: When the Logistics Industry is Ripe for Disruption

Tech Businesses are striving hard to replace the traditional middleman linking truckers to shippers and vice versa. Such mobile applications are shaping up to be as disruptive to the trucking industry as Uber was for the taxi business. The Logistics and trucking brokers on a telephone are antiquated, even in this era of mobile apps, GPS navigation and the cloud.

The Principle: How does the Logistics App work?

Logistics apps are designed to connect a shipper with a truck carrier to schedule transport at a competitive price based on distance, weight, size, and other customary variables. Carriers are approved based on their financial security, reputation, equipment, rates and other factors. Any type of shipper, from to those with a full container of goods to those moving parcels can make use of the technology. The algorithm-selected carrier can accept or decline the opportunity on the app like an Uber driver. If it consents, it then uses the app to assign the job to a driver. There’s no waiting, haggling over price or managing paperwork for the drivers.

The underlying features that make the most impact are:

    • Knowing the biggest cost factor
    • Tools required to implement fuel costs
    • How to manage the Cashflow
    • Additional resources to start your trucking company

The Advantage: Why Owner-Operators Stand To Benefit The Most?

(N.B.: Owner-operators (O-O) = These are the owners of trucking business)

The Logistics Trucking Driver App has societal benefits as well. They allow booking freight shipments, fill the hold with freight, and reduce traffic congestion, subsequent vehicle exhaust emissions, and the risk of automotive accidents, testifying to the demand for the technology. Mobile application-based ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft have revolutionized the urban taxi landscape in the past few years. This has aroused the idea of doing something similar to fill out trucks to full capacity.

Prominent benefits of the trucking industry for owner-operators include:

    • Build their Own Business
    • Control their Schedule
    • Control their Fuel Costs
    • Have their Own Truck
    • Make their Own Profit

Smart trucking apps providing an all-in-one solution for freight shippers and carriers fulfilling the need for fast, automated load matching based on location and equipment, in addition to the turn-by-turn planning of routes and shipments. These are based on the algorithms with instant pricing; giving way for proof-of-delivery, billing and payment.

These trucking/route planning apps for drivers are looking to replace fragmented and time-consuming legacy processes, such as the countless hours’ truckers often spend trying to find loads by calling freight brokers and checking load boards.

Such delivery route planner apps are based on offering comprehensive solutions to the logistics and trucking businesses and smartly cut the middlemen fees charged by traditional freight brokers. The taxi industry had to embrace ride-sharing and had to come up with their own streamlined apps. The same concept will apply with the freight brokers who will have to embrace the near-uberization to sway the risk of being displaced by a high-end competitor.

The Reason logistics management software shine is because they manage both dispatches and expenses in one unified solution. They also ensure that invoices are always followed up on and your customers are paying you what is owed. This software will track Logistics business’ drivers and any maintenance needed on the trucks in your fleet.

Transport Business Management Software is skipping the gap to offer transformative solutions for businesses. Such all-in-one trucking software apps offer myriad benefits like lower operating costs, higher revenue, better fuel efficiency and asset utilization.

The Features: Software System Designed  for Trucking Companies

    • Driver’s daily log
    • Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Expense Tracker
    • Driving Route optimization
    • Driver and vehicle tracker
    • Assigning Orders For Drivers To Pick Up- The Grab Mode
    • Automatic Order Dispatch Task To Nearest Drivers
    • Package tracker
    • Automated Manifest Form delivery
    • Automated Bill of Lading
    • Live Stats Of Delivery From Your Merchants
    • Multi-Lingual Support For Driver App
    • Vehicle Inspection With GPS Data In Logistics Management Software
    • In-app Chats In Real Time With Your Driver
    • Find Nearby Gas Station Or Mechanic Help
    • Driver Settlement Management
    • Driver Management
    • Expense Tracking
    • Fleet Maintenance
    • IFTA Reporting
    • Invoice Trucking
    • Load Planning
    • LTL Dispatch
    • Premium Routing
    • Team Driver

The Verdict: Handy Snapshot of Your Trucking Business

Logistics companies want an application that could log the driver’s work timings, track the route and vehicles, track the pick-up and delivery of the packets. And they need it fast. A single-user system does not have record-keeping abilities that could keep pace all the in-between hassles. Truckers can fill out a log of their routes, addresses they have to cater, payment information to improve their business efficiency. In addition to this, they have to cover various geographies and have to take up inefficient routes, all according to client time. In such cases, they have to prepare a route guide that specifies the carriers required for particular lanes. Shippers have to reach out to brokers only when preferred vendors are not able to take the loads. In this way, shippers have to be specific about their choice. While top app development companies try to integrate mobility solutions, think of these interactive and helpful features. These will help you drive efficiency and reduce extra labour in the logistics management app. Hire Indian App Developers for apps on transportation management solutions here.

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