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Developing Medicine Delivery App: Countering Medical Shops

October 04, 2021
Know how you can distil business advantage by reaching out to an audience via the medicine delivery app!
Every medicine delivery system available comes with its own set of features. Not every such app can be reliable and fast as you desire. People still need to walk down to their nearest local pharmacies to buy specific medicines. In case the prescribed or OTC medicines are not available, people need to search through other stores. It is time-consuming and a money scraper activity.

What is the impact of changing technologies?

The course of technology-driven change diverts various prevalent factors, with drivers being artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and other fourth industrial revolution fields. The focus of advanced research across medicine, vaccines, social care, and environmental health has shifted to tackling the ongoing crisis.

Since the beginning of 2021, every company has learnt to become a healthcare company, as safeguarding employees and customers are pertinent to business. It includes – (1) enhanced biosecurity measures, (2) sanitization stations to on-premises screening technology, and (3) quarantine measures at locations where staff are required on-site and can’t work from home. Tech-driven innovations around this will bring us improved safety measures and early warning systems to reduce the likelihood of contagious illness.

When Medicines Go Online?

E-medicine shops enable users to order pharmaceutical and healthcare products online by connecting them to registered retail pharmacies and deliver at home. Online medical stores make purchases easy, simple, and affordable.

General Features of Medicine Delivery Apps

  • Discovering substitutes for medicine
  • Providing information about side-effects
  • Booking of lab tests
  • Ordering Medicine Online
  • Providing consultancies
  • Search Medicine or Medicine Store
  • Medicine Substitute Search
  • Medicine Order History
  • Uploading Prescription
  • In-App Tracking, Chat and Payment

Why should you use Online Medicine Home Delivery App?

Consider if it’s possible to receive the same level of care at home as a doctor’s visit or outpatient clinic, then it makes sense to do so. It is helpful for minor and routine check-ups. Moreover, the ongoing development of robotic and autonomous healthcare assistants makes it easier for customers to ask doctors online. It also reduces the likelihood of infection.

  • Online pharmacy stores are go-to destinations for all or most medical needs – ranging from regular ‘medications’ or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.
  • They offer a range of products in personal care, baby care, health and nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle categories.
  • Users browse through the product categories, add products to their cart, complete the payment and track the order dispatch and delivery status.
  • Online pharmacies provide medicines round-the-clock. They intend to make lives easier by delivering ‘medicines’ at the doorstep. People can resist standing in queues and don’t have to worry about sweat.
  • They also offer super-fast deliveries;
  • Attractive deals on medicines
  • Provides health credits on purchases
  • They enable uploading prescriptions directly to place an order.
  • They allow consulting a pharmacologist to check medicine interactions.
  • They offer a wide range of healthcare products to choose from;

How do online medicine delivery apps work?

Online medicine delivery apps allow you to buy healthcare products, OTC products, and medical equipment online. Customers can book diagnostic tests online – blood tests, laboratory tests, full-body check-ups, preventive health check-ups from the convenience of their home. They also offer discounts on a select range of healthcare products and services for savings on medicine purchases. Users need to – (1) Place your medicine orders online, (2) Get medicine information, and (3) Book diagnostic tests.

Majorly, medicine delivery apps affiliate with certified laboratories for sample collection. Their labs are fully automated and barcoded with international quality standards. They offer tests and packages at the best prices. Additionally, they collect samples from home, and the app notifies everything. Users get their reports within 24-48 hours. Such applications are present in all major cities.

What process do customers need to follow to order medicines via the delivery app?

  • Step 1: A customer places an order for medicine delivery
  • Step 2: The order passes to a pharmacy
  • Step 3: The closest courier gets a delivery request
  • Step 4: The courier picks up the order
  • Step 5: The courier delivery delivers the order to the customer.
  • Step 6 (Optional): Reorder your monthly medicines, track your order, and return without charging anything.
  • Two Business Model for Online Medicine Delivery Business

Medicine delivery companies use two monetization/business models to generate revenue.

First is suitable for big pharmacies that store many medicines. Such companies can create a medicine delivery app for their own business and scale from offline to online. You should have an inventory of drugs to offer to complement high demand.

Second acts as an intermediary between customers and medicine suppliers. Such prescription delivery apps serve as order aggregation systems and deliver drugs from third-party pharmacies. You do not need to store any drugs. They take to process and send orders to pharmaceutical delivery drivers.

How can you make money with a pharmacy delivery app?

Based on how they operate and make money, drug delivery apps utilize a few approaches to monetize their on-demand business:

  • Fees: By allowing third-party vendors to sell products on your platform, you can earn some fees.
  • Subscriptions: This is another monetization strategy that brings in revenue. You can offer free deliveries and discounts to customers who subscribe.
  • Advertisements: You can place advertisements inside your applications. You can promote medicine, other pharmacies or products offered by third-party medical vendors.
  • The built-in promotion features: You can enable third-party vendors to promote their businesses inside your application and get money for placing their companies in the recommended section, to show medicine at the first position in search results, etc.

Monetization strategies combine business models according to your business need. You need to select one before medicine delivery app development, as any changes during the development phase can be costly.

When AI uplifts online medicine?

Artificial intelligence has enabled hospitals to achieve a 30% reduction in excess days spent in hospitals, a 20% decrease in ER door-to-door doctor times and a 0.8-day reduction in the average length of stay. It follows that implementing AI-enabled virtual assistants increase user engagement and makes them coming back for more. These operational efficiencies translate to better patient experiences and significant improvements to health systems’ bottom lines. (According to Rob Toews – Aug 26, 2020, Forbes).

AI is endlessly scalable. It brings opportunities to systematize and automate revenue cycle management, making for faster, cheaper, and more accurate applications.  AI has the potential to unlock massive gains by automating regulatory compliance. The Healthcare industry is highly regulated. It is challenging and ensures adherence to many legislative and regulatory requirements to which they are bound.

What challenges do the Medicine Delivery Apps face?

Often what goes at the top – triples down at the bottom. You can’t build a house on sand. Similarly, medicine delivery apps do have their bit of challenges to go through. Once you accomplish these, you’ll be unstoppable. These are – (1) Deeply fragmented data landscape, (2) Stringent regulatory restrictions, (3) Archaic software architectures, (4) Misaligned stakeholder incentives, (5) Assembling a complete picture of a single patient’s health, a new treatment’s efficacy or a population’s health patterns, (6) Data silos in healthcare are a bureaucratic burden – it impedes the delivery of care to the patients at the right time, ultimately costing lives.

In Conclusion: Reach Out To Us, To Create Prodigious Medicine Delivery App

Smartphones help accomplish – Improved access to care, improved patient engagement, new provider business models, reduced medicare fraud, and improved patient safety. Patients’ demand continues to access customer-centric mobile apps with myriad healthcare tasks like – Practitioner on-demand, telemedicine, on-demand pharmacy delivery and pickup apps, hospital and clinic apps.

Without forgetting, machine learning thrives on large datasets. These solutions lay the groundwork for future AI innovation. Top app development agencies require a more integrated data ecosystem to make countless new AI applications in healthcare possible.

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