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How to Develop an On-Demand Food Delivery App like Postmates?

December 30, 2020
Is it easy to create an On-Demand Food Delivery app with rivals hounding around?

From being drenched in cashew queso and loaded to obscenity with browned sofritas tofu, black beans, crispy tostada, tangy marinated tomatoes, cabbage, avocado, and happiness wrapped in a golden brown, perfectly crispy, handheld-friendly tortilla pocket…All these golden cooking tips mastered tasty for families and big crowds, there are real, wholesome recipes that have down-have cooking with modern twists and easy solutions for busy cooks. You see where I’m going with this? Well there are food ordering and delivery solutions to assuage the hunger!

That helps you have just what you want in a few minutes of placing the order that is full of seasonal, whole foods for favorite summertime experimenting with fresh farm produce, where and whenever you need. It increasingly becomes nostalgia in reverse when the longing for tasting and trying out a new recipe grows even stronger while we are not yet over with the first one. As you crave for cocktail-turned-jam, made with fresh ripe strawberries, tangy lime, organic agave, and a splash of silver tequila and Grand Marnier to finish it off, thus maintaining a good portion control (everything in moderation!);
it gives you a chance to relish summers in a jar! Don’t appreciate me, I’m not up to it J

What is the Postmates Delivery App?

Postmates delivery app partners with nearby restaurants and helps in food, groceries, alcohol delivery and takeout from your favorite restaurants, all around the year working round the clock. It thus brings an entire section of veg and no-veg recipes by allowing users browse by categories, sections or ingredients to try out delicious looking instant pot recipes, baking basics series, stovetop cooking, noodle dishes, desserts and lot more.

What Distinguishes Postmates From Other Food Delivery Apps?


It is loved for various reasons like:

    • There are more than 300,000 Postmates delivery partners that are ready to deliver.
    • It has partnered around with more than 3, 50,000 local and national restaurants and retailers.
    • It helps in real-time order tracking that updates the customer on their restaurants delivery progress.
    • Postmates is active in more than 2900+ cities across the US and Mexico with a free delivery service on all orders in case of unlimited membership on all orders over $15.
    • It works as a pickup or restaurant delivery service that delivers food to customer’s home, office, the park, dorm, or to the party venue, anytime, anywhere they want. Users can as well skip the line and collect their order from a nearby restaurant
    • It delivers fast, usually within an hour and with an option for free food delivery upon subscribing for $9.99/month on all orders over $15. In addition to this, they offer an additional 20% off when a user signs up for an annual unlimited membership.
    • Provides round the clock customer service.
    • Active in all major cities across the US
    • Has partnered with McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Wingstop, Raising Cane’s, Dig Inn, The Cheesecake Factory, Starbucks and many more.
    • Payment options include Google Pay, Credit Card, Debit Card. Major Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover. All transactions are 100% digital, no need for cash.


Postmates Business Model

It wasn’t easy for Postmates to scale up their business. They often came across many operational challenges. From delivering over 1, 00,000 different merchants in 40 different markets in 2016 to cross over million deliveries in a month, it is a type of scale that demands delivery services like Postmates to be operationally efficient 100% of the time.

They recently announced Postmates Plus that is another affordable way to get delivery from the best merchants in the city for just $3.99. The order is always accepted by a Postmate and delivered in an hour or less. That makes it a low-cost delivery in a shorter amount of time.

Due to an increase in remote ordering and on-demand companies have grown in popularity, their in-store operations have become overly complex. Merchants receive orders by phone, fax, or email, by integrating directly into their point of sale, or by having it placed at the counter. All of these channels offer very little efficiencies — if any — and use up valuable time that their staff could be helping in-store customers.

Postmates has focused their efforts to drive maximum efficiency and speed in their partner’s operations so they can focus on what’s important, i.e. growing their business. All the online orders are designed to be fully integrated into their partners’ existing workflows and far exceeds the typical ordering channels. The simple interface turns the burden of managing remote orders into a tool that oversees the entire delivery business.

The restaurant partners that make use of the order app have full control over their deliveries. Postmates strategy comes with tools to adjust ready times when they get busy or to go offline entirely when they are slammed. Any item to be substituted are handled with a tap of a button rather than over the phone. As the Postmate arrives, the restaurant partner is notified in-app for a quick and easy handoff. For customers, this means shorter and more accurate estimated delivery times, fewer order issues, and even lower delivery fees.

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Postmates has empowered small businesses to get their products in the hands of their customers in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Trending Postmates Like Applications in 2019

Food Apps that are in news:

    • Seamless (iOS/ Android)
    • GrubHub (iOS/Android)
    • Doordash (iOS/Android)
    • Ubereats (iOS/Android)
    • com (iOS/Android)
    • Yelp Eat 24 (iOS/ Android)
    • Foodler (iOS/Android)
    • GoPuff (iOS/Android)

Major Modules in On-Demand Delivery App Like Postmate

Sections and categories that make an essential part of a food delivery app:

Customer Version of App

Courier Version of App

Restaurant Version of App

Registration/Login of User Registration Admin Panel
Card Registration Booking the order Order Placement
Automatic Payment Delivery Status Notifications
Order Details Booking History Payment Menus
Pick a source for the order Ratings and Reviews
Specifies Delivery Location
Order History
Ratings and Reviews

Queuing Up: Develop An On-Demand Food Delivery App Like A Pro

Things that are required to succeed at building a foodie app:

    • Having an experience in managing restaurants or hospitality business with an established delivery system, in addition to providing a delivery option via the website or phone calls will be an added advantage for food delivery business service.
    • Mark target audience and focus all service offerings around them. Menus with diversified food preferences like vegetarian, gluten-free and likewise will have a wider audience reach.
    • Good relationships with restaurant partners can help you earn some free promotions for your on-demand food delivery app.
    • Having both full-time as well as part-time employees can help you save some expenditures.
    • In the case of no direct competitors in surrounding areas like on-demand food apps like Ubereats or Grubhub or Deliveroo, that region will have more demand.
  • As soon as the small segment becomes popular, aligning strategies with a bigger or more powerful partner will help boost business. This is a popular tactic around Maple, that finally got merged with Deliveroo and uberEats that acquired mobile-delivery only restaurant Ando.


Find out the competitors, grow the user base, retain customer and hold back couriers by giving them salary, flexible schedules and occasional encouragements – can turn out to be the best tips while building on-demand food delivery applications except usage of technology in demand, keeping a check on client’s expectations and efficient testing methods among others.

As food delivery app development has increasingly become a strategic move for existing food businesses and a good niche for startups to jump into, mobile app development companies are doing their bit to make tech-savvy millennials happy, attracting those on a particular diet, those who swore during their New Year’s resolutions that they’ll finally start eating healthy or finally targeting busy professionals who want healthier options from upscale grocery stores like Trader Joe’s, creating apps like Instacart or Postmates that delivers uncooked and cooked food respectively for the hungry few, waiting for much awaited weekend or weekday deliveries!

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