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App Ideas to Build Real Estate Application for Business

January 03, 2022
Here’s a raw playscript of real estate app ideas for development to go through!

Real estate apps like have the most up-to-date listings on homes for sale and apartments. Real estate applications let people in searching homes remotely with virtual tours, detailed photos and more. It enables finding a new home or browsing apartments from anywhere. It brings the home buying experience in a convenient app, with everything from video tours, neighbourhood noise. Real estate comprises – (1) retail, (2) hospitality, (3) commercial real estate, (4) housing, and (5) sub-sectors.

Real estate applications are a place to compare homes, land values where you would like to move in the future. It lets you look for new room space, check property value estimates, customize search, search home apartments, town-homes, schools or districts, draw a search area on the map or use custom filters like days on market square footage and more.

How does Real Estate score in the industry?

The construction industry ranks third among the fourteen ‘major’ sectors in order of direct, indirect, and induced effects in all sectors of the economy. By 2040, this market is going to grow to sixty-five crore Indian Rupee/US$9.30 billion from twelve thousand crore/US$1.72 billion in 2019. The property dealing market in India ‘is expected to reach a market size of US$ 1 trillion by 2030 from US$ 120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13% to Indian GDP by 2025.

According to Colliers India, a property consultant, Indian property dealers ‘are set to’ increase institutional investments in the Indian Real estate sector by 4% to reach Rs. 36,500 crore (US$ 5 Billion) in 2021, driven by the rising interest of investors by capturing attractive valuations in the pandemic.

How is Real Estate beneficial to the public?

With residential sales going up, real estate applications are helpful for – (1) buyers opting for bigger houses, (2) organize warehousing recording healthy growth, (3) buoyed by a combination of factors like the pent-up demand, (4) increased household savings, (5) low-interest rate, and (6) support of State government like a cut on state stamp duty.

Real estate is also affected by a complete overhaul in the economy and some permanent changes in the way people live and work. The growth in real estate accompanies the corporate environment and the demand for office space, urban and semi-urban accommodations.

What does a real estate app offer?

  • It lets you search listings and apartments;
  • Browse real estate listings with big, beautiful home photos
  • It includes details like price, sales history, property tax, school information, and more.
  • Real estate search filters include days on the market, swimming pools, hardwood floors and more.
  • It offers 3D tours, virtual views
  • To update house listings in real-time
  • It enables you to search properties and homes for sale
  • It allows you to speak with realtors via the video chat platforms of your choice
  • To calculate mortgage, property tax, insurance with the monthly cost calculator
  • It tracks the property value and tax history of each home
  • To check mortgage rates for your property
  • It enables searching homes by school name, district, filtering by price, finding homes for sale, saving home searches, listings to access on phone or computer;

Real Estate sector Apps of 2021

  • Best overall: Zillow
  • Best for Auctions: Xome Auctions
  • Best for Home Purchase: Redfin
  • Best for Home Values: Trulia
  • Best for Rentals: Realtor
  • Best for Renters:
  • Best for Entrepreneurs:
  • More Examples:
  • MLS Real Estate App,
  • Virtual Home Tours,
  • Home Search Tools,
  • House Buying Updates & Notifications,
  • Contact Real Estate Agents,
  • Property Finder,
  • Mortgage Calculator,
  • House Buying – Your Best Decision-Making Resource

Apps for Commercial Real Estate

Different categories of real estate applications that are prevalent are:

  • Listing apps – It lists and features types of commercial properties.
  • Due diligence apps – It helps visualize potential floor plans, manage leasing operations, and search for tenant prospects.
  • CRM systems – A CRM system tool organizes transactions on mobile or computer.
  • Administrative apps – It helps sign documents and create schedules.

More ideas that apply to the real estate industry – (1) Property Listing App, (2) Property Auction App, (3) House Plan Sale App, (4) Property Rental App, (5) AR VR Real Estate App, (6) Interior Design App, (7) Locality Review App, (8) Property Investment App, (9) Repair Estimate App, (10) Construction Management App, and (11) Contractor Finders App.

Why does a real estate business need a mobile app?

To help your users, to appear as more user-friendly to them, to stand ahead of the competition, to facilitate better decision making, to alleviate rapid sales, for higher customer engagement, to build brand identity, fast business expansion, to open up new marketing channels, and to automate routine tasks for agents.

Business Models for Real Estate Business

Real estate apps can generate money via featured listings, advertisements, paid membership plans, commission, and premium subscriptions – monthly, quarterly, annual subscriptions. A specific business model directs how to run a business, burying the gap between buyers and sellers and saving time and effort on both ends.

  • Aggregator Model – This business model allows buyers and sellers to register on the app. The seller lists the properties, which the buyers seek.
  • Dedicated Model – Realtors get to list their properties for sale and separate them under distinct parameters like location, size, price, and more.

Top Technology Trends in Real Estate For 2021

Technologies that are triggering and likely going to affect Real estate are big data, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, Augmented and Virtual Reality – as these offer an immersive experience and save valuable time and money for both buyer and seller.

Real Estate App Ideas in 2021

  • Property Listing App: House owners list their properties, so you do not get stuck in paying a high brokerage fee. Property listing apps like Trulia real estate,, zumper, zillow, redfin real estate, magicbricks property search and real estate app, NoBroker, CommonFloor,,, Nestoria effectively help in selling houses.
  • Property Auction App The property auction app enables easy navigation to view properties and saved search options. They allow you to bid in real-time in the last 30 minutes of the auction whilst they take through the property with a live tour. They offer downloadable legal documents to help users decide to buy using their full due diligence, surveys, and contracts. It also comes with a comprehensive portfolio of properties to choose from. Bid values updates on the app. They occasionally offer assistance in the process of buying a property including a restoration service.
  • House Plan Sale App: House Plan Sale App is used to efficiently use the space and make the home look bigger. Strong outdoor connections add spaciousness to small floor plans. Such small homes are more affordable to build and maintain than larger houses. Homeowners can be thoughtful and innovative while designing their houses and be able to connect with friends, family, and nature while freeing them from mortgages.
  • Property Rental App: Property Rental apps are an apt alternative to property selling applications, but the outcome really depends upon your income structure, if you’re looking to move house, and want to find a suitable rental property or shared accommodation, it can be the right fit depending upon your flexible stay requirements. Examples: Stessa, Landlordy, Landlord Studio, Zillow Rental Manager, and Buildium;
  • AR VR Real Estate App: AR VR Real Estate App is a historically conservative market with unlimited technological adoption in the listings and real estate search platforms. These apps allow users to publish and find properties in a very modern, inviting, and efficient way, helping those that are looking to rent, buy, or sell houses, lands, apartments, and offices.
  • Interior Design App: Apps like Photo Measure, Houzz, Color Capture, Homestyler Interior Design, Curate, iHandy Tool, and Zillow Digs facilitate designing interiors of your home, renovating your home, planning a home makeover, getting cost estimates, and even sourcing the products you need, all from within this all-in-one app. It lets you discern if that is how your favourite art piece will look on that wall. It lets you browse pieces from your favourite artists.
  • Locality Review App: Locality is one of the key deciding factors that affect the purchase decision of property buyers. It depends upon the GPS Integration, Need-based recommendation engine, Resident reviews, and livability score of a particular area and is not limited to the education rate, crime rate, cost of living, amenities, weather conditions, the population of the location along with estimated growth rate and population history.
  • Property Investment App: It is up to property owners to configure and get maximum return on investment. Property investment apps let users know about property investment opportunities. It sources, packages, and publishes them so that users get to know about them. These applications reserve your idea takes care of all the hard work after crunching the numbers. You simply need to decide which property is right for you. It brings in full investment potential, maximizes return on investment, property gallery, nearby points of interest and necessary documentation.
  • Repair Estimate App: Home Repair Estimator app or Remodel Calculator App exhibit home improvement plans and home contractors to make users save time and resources spent on looking for damages to the property they wish to sell.
  • Construction Management App: The construction management app connects the entire team, from the project manager all the way down to each speciality contractor’s foreman, on one construction management platform. It makes it effortless for anyone to view their drawings, schedules work and track their punch list while they are in the field.
  • Contractor Finders App: The contractor finder app helps in locating contractors offering their services as well as finders who are looking to get the jobs done. This app is ideal for Service Finders supporting services like Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Painting, Kitchen remodelling, Bathroom remodelling, Handyman services, Locksmith services, Drywall, Flooring, Windows and Doors, Gutters, Foundations, Brickwork, Stucco, Construction, Roofing, Decking, Stairs, Swimming pools, General contractors, Window treatments, Demolition, Tree removal, Sprinkling systems, Landscaping, Concrete, Garage doors, Plaster, Tiles, Siding, Kitchen cabinets, and Additions.

Must-Have Real Estate App Features

Realtors need to determine their app ideas for the real estate industry (app audience, their demographics, functionality, and location) while considering what features to add during real estate app development:

  • User Onboarding (Signup/Login)
  • Filters and Categories
  • Navigation and Street View
  • Databases
  • Advanced Search Functionality
  • Save Search and Favourite Listings
  • Map View
  • Real-Time Messaging
  • Property Profiles
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integration
  • 3D Virtual Tours
  • Property Cost and Mortgage Calculators
  • Feedback System
  • Administrative Panel
  • Chatbot
  • Calendar
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • A Faster Sales Process
  • 24/7 In-App Communication Channel
  • A More Rewarding Customer Experience
  • Automation Of Routine Tasks
  • Buying Or Renting A Home
  • Assistance For Real Estate Agents
  • Home Valuation
  • Virtual Tours
  • User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents)
  • Database and Listings
  • Categories and Filters
  • Favorites (Shortlisting)
  • Call Button
  • Push Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Real estate Agents Listing and Databases
  • Properties catalogue, listing, profiles, management
  • Interactive Maps (List View & Map View)
  • Property Cost Calculator
  • Virtual Tour
  • Databases management
  • Detailed Information for Property Listings
  • Admin Panel or Profile Functionality
  • CRM Solution and Push Notifications
  • Customer Support Panel and Lead Management Panel
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Call/Direct Messaging
  • Offline Mode
  • Automated Reports
  • Customer Support
  • User Interface

Tech Stack

You require a ‘powerful’ backend and some tools to build a robust real estate app:

  • Zillow API– provides access to Zillow’s neighbourhood information and listings.
  • CoreData or Realm frameworks– manages a list of saved properties.
  • Firebase SDK or Apple Push Notifications Service– incorporates push notifications.
  • Google Places API– provides users with details about the local area and neighbourhoods.
  • Mapbox or Google Maps API– builds custom maps.
  • SimpleRets, iHomeFinder, Spark APIs– normalizes MLS data flows.
  • The Onboard Informatics Community, Spatial Neighbourhood APIs– provides demographics and information about particular districts.
  • Facebook SDK– integrates a Facebook sign-in option.
  • Java or Kotlin– developmental language for Android
  • Amazon S3– cloud storage for listings
  • Swift or Objective C– developmental language for iOS

How Much Does a Real Estate App Cost?

The cost of developing a realtor app depends upon:

  • Features,
  • Technologies,
  • Hourly rate of the development company that you hire

The rate of property app development also depends on location – In US = $150/hour, In Eastern Europe = $35/hour. It is a gross estimate. The actual prices might slightly vary according to – (1) real estate app ideas, (2) setup, (3) communication, (4) business analysis, (5) real estate app design;

In Conclusion

Real estate app needs integral databases to receive listing data that can populate searches, multiple listing service (MLS). It also requires third-party app integration like iHomeFinder by using APIs, MLS data to streamline data flow and configure it to match the application’s format. Property dealers can also generate listings via ‘brokerages’ and agents to manually submit their own. Real state apps essentially use 3D tours that can create a more genuine experience of viewing properties online.

A ‘decorous’ real estate application gives clients a personalized experience, enabling them to search their favourite properties, get detailed neighbourhood information, have quick access to a mortgage calculator, take 3D tours, and more. If you find it logically relevant, stay with us for more updates!

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