Why Co-Working Spaces Have Stood Out in Defiance of Time!

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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Employees are happiest when their jobs give them a sense of meaning. Working at one’s convenience might give some autonomy and control over the way work should be done, but there is not much scope to deviate from the client’s expectations to save oneself from running into problems.

Without skipping the fact, that the daily routine also serves a motivating purpose, it is noteworthy that a structure of regular in-house hours, a guaranteed check at end of the month and colleagues to cover for us, an office workspace must be built in a way such that it provides a seamless experience for your team. It not only drives efficiency into the team but also enhances the productivity of employees.

Dedicated Brick and Mortar Office Setups

But if you have just started your business and looking for a place to work, buying or acquisition of office space on rent seems an expensive option? Starting with work from home seems convenient but it might not always be a suitable environment for discussing business with your clients, complete urgent tasks and accommodate an increasing number of employees as the startup grows. It is as well important to separate home and work life to remove the risk of burnout. Moreover, it rules out the hint of office politics which tend to eclipse formal organizational roles and hijack organizational processes, converting simplest tasks into tedious ones and finally make the organization ineffective. And what if you crave for interaction in real time, the man-to-man discussions, being a little more professional in business dealings, and want to pick up more complicated pieces of work? In such cases the noisy home or coffee cafés do not solve the purpose.

A co-working office space can be far better in terms of environment and cost and can go a long way in putting up distant workers, small business owners, and staff, including freelancers in a shared work environment. These can come handy while signing a lease; an office space is stressful and finding the right space takes time.

A list of successful companies that have started their operations in co-working workspace:

Instagram, Charity: Water, Nuracode, Indiegogo, Hootsuite, Uber, Timehop, Wanderfly, Spotify, Indiegogo

Benefits of Co-working Spaces

One of the topmost benefits of co-working spaces is its flexibility, a different layout (desks and breakout areas, cafeteria, private offices, and meeting rooms) etc. It becomes easy to book meeting rooms and sharing amenities with your co-workers, which necessitates the requirement to have a space that suits your business and ethical requirements.

With negotiable pricing structure, flexible commitment level, facility to rent the space on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis, an office workspace can be the best alternative for startups who are in process of setting up their own office, or for enterprises who undergo architectural changes within their setups.

Cropping Up

According to the Harvard Business Review, "People who use co-working spaces see their work as meaningful". The increasing trend of co-working spaces and sharing economy is the latest trend among startups and enterprises who try to attract digital folks in developing urban areas.

Adding a bit of variety to the workspace, co-working space turns as a cost-effective and flexible solution, that is easy on the budget and friendlier on the ethical and business perspective. Encouraging inter-community relationships, co-working space can present a perfect opportunity to get advice on your startup.

Additionally, few things that top app development companies must keep in mind while looking for a co-working solution for your business needs are:

  • Just the right location
  • The right level of support (accessibility to all mobile app developers/co-workers)
  • The amount of dedicated space required to start the business
  • The right set of amenities and equipment/devices for the office setup
  • A place that enables networking opportunities and chances to improve your knowledge

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