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13 Best Nodejs Frameworks in 2023

September 22, 2023

“Do you know – Netflix & PayPal both of these giants switched to Node JS architecture and saw a significant improvement in the performance.”

But what makes Nodejs frameworks stand out? Let’s find out!!!

Nodejs frameworks are immensely popular open-source servers used for building high performance efficient applications. They are used to create online games and other user interfaces. Owing to the immense role that these frameworks play in web development, various popular companies like PayPal, Netflix, Uber, etc. are relying on this framework.

However, the efficiency of your application will depend on the nodejs system you choose. One can get different nodejs frameworks in the market which makes it difficult to choose the best one for website development. So here’s the list of 13 best nodejs frameworks that will suit every website project.

Top Node Js Stats –

Node js Market Statics

  • Over 30 million websites use Node JS as of 2022, with the US topping the charts with 6.3 million NodeJS sites.
  • Node.js for backend web development is known for reducing the loading time by almost 50-60%.
  • The platform is relied on by almost 36.42% of professional developers.
  • Almost 85% of the JavaScript learners have commended the utility of this platform.
  • Node JS also reduces the development cost by approximately 58%.

Top companies like LinkedIn, PayPal, Tumblr, Reddit, eBay, Netflix, & Amazon all use Node JS.

What are Nodejs frameworks?

Nodejs is an open source Java script which possesses development features like DBMS, web server, etc. and is one of the top application development frameworks. Nodejs frameworks can be primarily divided into three categories based on the functions they perform suitability towards different projects and use case:

MVC Frameworks

1. MVC frameworks

Node.js MVC frameworks or Model View Controller framework are best known for their unique design pattern. The frameworks function by splitting the application login into three parts: Models, views and controllers. It leads to better labor division and the application becomes scalable and easily maintainable.

2. Full-stack MVC frameworks

The second type of nodejs api frameworks are called full stack MVC frameworks. This framework can serve as both nodejs backend framework and nodejs frontend framework. The benefit of using full stack node.js mvc frameworks is that it is a one stop solution for application building and there remains no need to use multiple platforms for multiple purposes. One can access various interface features like template engines, libraries and much more.

3. REST API (Representational state transfer)/ REST API frameworks

Representational state transfer (REST) API is another popular type of nodejs api framework. This nodejs web framework is known for its swiftness and flexibility. For a smooth client-server interaction, these API frameworks are the best nodejs web frameworks. Furthermore, a developer can also add additional functionalities in future using this API.

Note – Node JS facilitates a popular E-commerce site, AliExpress’s, Backend.

Why Do You Need Nodejs Frameworks?

Nodejs backend framework helps minimize the time & effort required in website development and provides pre-developed functionalities that will boost your project. Nodejs API frameworks can also enhance productivity due to their structured coding program. However, make sure to hire node js developer that has the required industry experience and the necessary skills.

Key Features of Nodejs

Some of the most prominent features that you will find in the best nodejs frameworks include:

  • Fast server side development package
  • High test coverage
  • Asynchronous performance
  • Multiple templates
  • Customization feature
  • Huge libraries

List of Best Nodejs Frameworks

There are several nodejs web frameworks available in the market but it’s difficult to pick the best ones. Here’s a list of the top 14 nodejs API frameworks that can boost your project. These are widely used by Node.js development companies owing to variety of features.

1. Express.js

Express.Js Framework

Express.js is one the best nodejs frameworks for web development. The various features available on this platform make it popular amongst web developers. It boasts of having the highest number of Github stars amongst various Nodejs web frameworks. Various features that have added to its popularity include its swiftness, robustness, smooth client-server interactions, and much more.

Express.js framework is suitable for all types of web applications, be it single, hybrid or multi-page. It is also efficient in combining the best API frameworks and providing dynamic content. Another plus point is that files can be stored in the browser directly, simply by connecting the back end code. Even the content is easily integrated with URLs, HTTP and SQL, and NoSQL databases.

Features –

  • Fast Server Side Programming Features
  • MVC Architectural Pattern
  • Easy Content Negotiation

Pros –

  • Fast & Easy Integration
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Large Community of Developers

Cons –

  • Security Issues
  • Manual Debugging Required

When to Choose –

Express.js is suitable for building scalable solutions that can be used to develop backend services and is best for browser-based apps.

Top 3 Companies That Use Express.js –

  • Uber
  • Accenture
  • BlaBlaCar

2. Total.js

total_js Framework

The second in the list of best nodejs web frameworks is Total.js. This platform is extensively used in developing real time applications, e-commerce platforms, IoT services, and much more. One can access more than 100 services on this platform like code sharing, JavaScript, UI development and much more. From content management system to e-shopping, it can perform a wide range of functions.

The second in the list of best nodejs web frameworks is Total.js. This platform is extensively used in developing real time applications, e-commerce platforms, IoT services, and much more. One can access more than 100 services on this platform like code sharing, JavaScript, UI development and much more. From content management system to e-shopping, it can perform a wide range of functions.

Features –

  • Real time tracking available
  • Facilitates API testing
  • Multi database compatible

Pros –

  • Speedy development process
  • Cost Effective Solution and easy to maintain
  • Flexible with several frontend frameworks

Cons –

  • Poor Customer support
  • Poor Documented manual for developers

When to Choose –

Total.js is a good option if you have a short deadline and want to build a customized, responsive solution.

Top 3 Companies that use Total.js

  • AN10
  • GroupOn
  • Mozilla

3. Sails.js

Sails Framework

Sails.js is used to create complex, modern, and high-end data-oriented applications. Since it is based on the MVC framework, it can go well with multiple databases. It is best suited for custom applications because it can provide auto-generated APIs and possesses a reusable security policy. But it doesn’t have a front-end application of its own which makes it dependent on Express and

Features –

  • The framework is an Independent Database
  • Provides WebSocket Support in Real-time
  • Uses Express.js to process HTTP requests

Pros –

  • Allows Developers to Create Restful APIs fast
  • Efficient for Beginner Developers
  • Easy Integration to Third Party Libraries like

Cons –

  • No Regular Updates Available in the Framework
  • Lack of Transparency

When to Choose –

The framework is beginner-friendly and is best for developing custom chat applications because of reusable middleware features.

Top 3 Companies that use Sail.js

  • Microsoft
  • Postman
  • Verizon

4. Hapi.js

Hapi Framework

This dynamic framework is used for ensuring security and functionality in applications. Therefore the user base of Hapi.js includes mostly proxy server developers, REST APIs, etc. This code was designed without compromising on quality control. Therefore any issue in the application can be easily checked by the developer. The best part is that this app doesn’t require any third-party middleware because plug-ins are built into the application.

Other top features include rich libraries, a secure system, the opportunity to enhance scalability, the least overhead, etc.

Features –

  • End-to-end Code Hygiene
  • Quantifiable & Measureable Metrics Available
  • Blocks Errors Message that can leak information

Pros –

  • Highly Secure Framework
  • Wide Range of Plugins
  • Makes Development Process Easier

Cons –

  • Compatibility Issues with Express
  • Exhausting Code Configuration

When to Choose –

The framework is highly secure and is popular among developers to develop API services and proxies.

Top 3 Companies That Use Hapi.js

  • Boodle
  • Beam
  • PayPal

5. Nest.js

nest js Framework

Another top level nodejs framework is Nest.js. The framework is popular amongst those developers who have to create robust server side applications. The best features of this platform include OOP and reactive programming, support for both TypeScript and JavaScript, and efficiency in creating multi layer applications. It also has a huge collection of libraries which are systematic and easy to use.

Owing to the large developer community that it hosts and the community support and learning curve that it provides to beginner developers, it is ranked second in terms of popularity.

Features –

  • Uses Typescript which is a free & open source programming language
  • Uses Powerful CLI (Command Line Interface)
  • Follows a structural development approach

Pros –

  • Easily Integrate Concepts & techs like Mangoose
  • Easily Supports REST, GraphQL, & Websocket
  • Detailed Nest.js Manual allows a better grip on the framework usability

Cons –

  • Less Functionality as compared to other frameworks
  • Difficult to navigate for developers due to highly defined structure

When to Choose –

Developers that need to build fast & simple applications with easy structures

Top 3 Companies that use Nest.js

  • Adidas
  • Kevin
  • Autodesk

6. Feather.js

feather js framework

Feather.js is a pioneer in creating customizable advanced websites. Its interface is simple and the back-end framework is very flexible which makes it a popular nodejs backend framework amongst developers. Just like its name, Feather.js provides simplified experiences and saves companies from getting into complex integrities of APIs. One can also connect various other communication means like email messaging and SMS authentication with this platform. All these features make its services reusable.

Features –

  • Automatic authorization & authentication through plug-ins
  • Reuse of services
  • Use of Modern CLI (Command Line Interface)

Pros –

  • Seamless and smooth interaction with several frontend techs
  • Super lightweight & fast framework
  • Allows program decoding in an intelligent way

Cons –

  • Not a beginner-friendly framework
  • Minimalistic framework

When to Choose –

The framework supports JavaScript and TypeScript and is useful for developing real time applications and REST APIs

Top 3 Companies that use Feather.Js

  • Koola
  • Alcomy
  • Marcopo


Socket io Frameworks is a suitable Java Script nodejs framework for real time development projects. It is the ideal choice for developing those applications that need to be refreshed in the background. It helps in real time response and creating bi-directional communication. Therefore it can support chat services like WhatsApp. Another great feature is that it can provide real-time analytics in a structured manner. It can also detect errors and provide auto connection support.

Features –

  • Auto Correct & Error Detection Feature available
  • Support real-time data analytics
  • Helps & Supports in Multiplexing

Pros –

  • Extremely Fast
  • Seamless Authentication
  • Personalised URL routing

Cons –

  • Server Connection Stays Open
  • Not the best choice for production

When to Choose –

The framework is ideal for apps that real-time apps and servers push data without user requests.

Top 3 Companies that use

  • Alibaba Travels
  • Patreon
  • Bepro Company

8. Loopback.js

Loopback Framework

Loopback.js is another open source nodejs web framework used widely by developers. It provides seamless integration with other nodejs and APIs. The pros of using this platform include less time-consuming, compatibility with multiple devices and systems, in-built modules for different operating systems, and much more.

Owing to its powerful SQL and NoSQL databases, it can also create mobile apps from web applications. Its well-structured codebase combined with inherent API explorer makes it one of the best nodejs backend frameworks for supporting a variety of databases.

Features –

  • Aids Developers to create SDKs swiftly
  • Can be connected with any of the databases
  • Easily runs on the cloud

Pros –

  • Structured & Modular Code
  • Several Built-in features
  • Aids in Swift Development

Cons –

  • Monolithic Architecture
  • Comparatively Small Community of Developers

When to Choose –

Best for developers who are using TypeScript or want to build scalable APIs

Top 3 Companies that Use Loopback

  • Chiper
  • Knawat
  • UGroop

9. Meteor.js

meteor_js framework

Meteor.js is great nodejs software available in isomorphic form. It is an open-source Java script platform where developers can create several prototypes and cross-platform codes. The applications developed through this nodejs framework are simple but they are highly efficient and up-to-date. It is also self-sufficient in the sense that it adapts accordingly to any new change without requiring action from the developer each time.

The best part about this nodejs is that it works well on both iOS and Android. Therefore it hosts a lot of developers both experienced and novice. Major pros of using this platform include lightweight application, easy integration, etc. Lastly, uninterrupted client-server data transfer makes it one of the best nodejs frameworks for high-end applications.

Features –

  • Can work with top javascript frameworks like React & Vue
  • Several built-in features are available such as hot code reload & reactive templates
  • Lets you create javascript applications for different platforms & devices

Pros –

  • Cross-platform source code compatible with Android & iOS.
  • Cost-Effective & Efficient Framework
  • Live updates to the website are available

Cons –

  • Difficult deployment process for developers
  • Native service side rendering is not available

When to Choose –

One of the popular frameworks for developing cross-platform applications because of easy code reusability

Top 3 Companies that use Meteor.js

  • Deloitte
  • Shelf
  • chat

10. Adonis.js

Adonis Framework

Adonis.js MVC frameworks are also very popular amongst developers. These frameworks are best known for their organized structure and stable functioning. The various high-tech features available in this framework help in saving time. It comprises of all the essential elements required for web development like websocket support, speed, lifecycle management, etc. It comprises of multiple packages and the templates can be personalised according to business needs. It also provides native support for various node.js MVC frameworks like MEAN, Express, Koa, etc.

Features –

  • Offers Smooth Validation for user input
  • Arranged Pattern with folder structure
  • Can write custom functional test scripts

Pros –

  • Express, Koa, and MEAN offer native support
  • Supports JSON APIs natively
  • Flexible Tangent Engines are Available

Cons –

  • Small Community of developers
  • User guide and documentation is not proper

When to Choose –

Best for building smooth, fast, and secure apps and web applications that return the JSON responses from a controller.

Top 3 Companies that use Adonis.js

  • Nina
  • Dot group

11. Koa.js

koa_js Framework

Koa.js is one of the most sought after nodejs backend frameworks for creating efficient web applications. It is developed by the same company that created Express.js and therefore it is often called as lighter version of Express.js. Though it is new in the field, its capabilities are no less than Express.js. The distinguishing feature about this platform is that it can provide varying experiences to various users on a single web page. Furthermore, it is less complex than Express.js and the developer can get access to huge libraries and highly efficient customizations.

Features –

  • Developed using ES6 directives that simplify building sophisticated programs
  • Easier management of upstream and downstream controls
  • Easy & fast server-side programming due to bundled middleware

Pros –

  • Lightweight & flexible framework
  • Error management is easy and smart
  • Variety of plugins available for adding modules

Cons –

  • Doesn’t work with older versions of Javascript
  • Small & new developer’s community

When to Choose –

The framework works best for developers who want to simplify bugs & error handling and want to get rid of callbacks.

Top Companies that use Koa.js

  • Bulb
  • Gapo
  • LetzChange

12. Derby.js


Another top-rated nodejs MVC framework is Derby. It is a full-stack MVC program. It is best known for simplifying the development of real time applications and making them SEO-friendly. Its Racer engine automatically synchronizes the data from a variety of browsers and servers and provides the best content to the user. The software can even be operated offline by using simple scripting.

Features –

  • Fast rendering with DOM techniques
  • Server-side rending features aids in SEO & ranking
  • In-sync with racer (A Data syncing Engine)

Pros –

  • Framework has a lot of built-in modules
  • Seamless code sharing between server side and client side
  • Easy Collaboration & Data syncing

Cons –

  • Not a beginner-friendly framework
  • Small Community of developers

When to Choose –

It is best for developing models that require less loading time and data sync, like chatting apps.

Top 3 Companies that use Derby.js

  • Sakai
  • DoubleSlash
  • HCL Infosystems

13. Restify.Js


Restify.js is a lightweight JavaScript web framework that prevents users from any unnecessary interruptions and provides a customizable framework. It is used by several large companies for creating bug-free applications. Restify comes with a de-bugging mechanism and is used by popular companies like Netflix, Pinterest, etc.

Features –

  • Easy Error Handling & Management
  • Improved Introspection
  • Better Performance

Pros –

  • Versatile Framework
  • Great for Making Clean & Easy APIs
  • Debugging and Error Removal is Fast & Seamless

Cons –

  • The framework is not popular among developers
  • Comparatively not a lightweight framework

When to Choose –

The framework is popular when a high-traffic application is required or when building a service that receives a lot of requests.

Top 3 Companies that use Resitfy.js

  • Goopy
  • DOT Stack
  • Sami

Popular Reasons Companies Use Nodejs Frameworks

Node JS is a popular language among clients as well as web development companies and there are several reasons behind it, including –

  • Firstly, these platforms already have pre-developed components which help companies to develop applications in a timely manner.
  • Secondly, companies also get access to structures and conventions for modular content.
  • Lastly, these modes can be used to develop a variety of projects including content management, social media apps, e-commerce platforms etc. which makes it popular for any kind of website development.

Fun Fact – Node JS was launched in 2009, and 46% of the Node.JS developers are between 25 and 35 years old.

In Conclusion :

So, these were the top Node JS frameworks for 2023. The good part is that all of them are popular frameworks that can be used for speeding and scaling the application and web development process. Just for instance, Meteor.js is a good choice for crafting mobile applications while Hapi JS is ideal for building real time social media applications.

Alternatively, you can also checkout the list of best web Development Company. These companies are chosen after comprehensive research & bearing in mind multiple factors like client reviews, portfolio, cost, etc.

Top Node JS Framework – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is the fastest-growing Nodejs framework?

Nest JS is considered to be the fastest-growing Nodejs framework.

2. What is the most common framework used in Nodejs?

Express.js is currently offering the most straightforward and classic approach. The framework comes with a bunch of features and capabilities, such as easy API integration.

3. What are the top companies that currently use Node JS frameworks?

There are a bunch of companies operating on the Node JS framework, some of which are LinkedIn, Trello, NASA, Netflix, PayPal, Pinterest, etc.

4. Is NodeJS a backend or frontend framework?

NodeJS is often considered to be as backend technology while in reality it can be used both as a frontend as well as a backend framework.

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