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Top 6 Golang Web Frameworks For Web Developers in 2022

June 08, 2022
Are you interested in using the robust capabilities of Go, an open-source programming language? Here is a list of the 6 top-rated Golang web frameworks that will allow you to do so.

2007, was the time when Google was growing quickly alongside the code that managed its infrastructure was also becoming more complex.

The large and complex codebase was slowing down Google. This problem led Google engineers to the development of a simple, readable, efficient, and concurrent programming language called Golang.

A language that was developed by Google for its internal usage became public as an open-source project in 2012 and since then surprising the level of popularity. ‘

According to the Stackoverflow survey conducted in 2021, Golang secured 13th place among the developers and professionals in terms of popularity.

What is Golang Programming Language?

Golang or so-called Go is an open-source robust system-level language that can be defined by the following four characteristics:

  1. Simple
  2. Readable
  3. Efficient
  4. Concurrent

Golang is modeled after the C, but when it comes to memory safety, garbage collection, and structural typing, Go is more efficient. Golang has the ultimate goal of simplifying the development process from complex architectures and processes.

Thanks to the lean and efficient coding many big brands as mentioned below adopted the Golang as their programming level of choice:

  • Google
  • Apple
  • Twitch
  • Medium
  • Dailymotion
  • SendGrid
  • Dropbox

Why is Golang Popular?

Here are a few reasons why Golang or Go is surprising the benchmarks of popularity with each passing day:

1. Simplicity

Among other things, Golang’s test library, synchronization primitives, templating, and so on, reduced the developer’s dependency on coding.

Golang’s forward compatibility is another great feature that ensures the developer’s efforts do not go to waste. This feature makes sure that the new updates won’t affect developers’ way of programming.

2. Faster Development

Unlike interpreted languages like Python where the source code is first converted into the byte code that is then executed in a Python virtual machine. Go is a compiled language which means the source code is directly executed in the machine coding which means faster and more efficient coding.

3. Compatible With All Platforms

Be it Linux, Windows, or macOS, Golang can be easily installed on all major platforms without any hassle.

Moreover, its program’s cross-compile functionalities allow developers to write the code for multiple platforms with ease from one single platform.

4. Built-in Package Manager

Unlike other object-oriented programming languages like Java and Python where you need to install third-party packages to manage codes.

With Golang, developers have access to the built-in packages and libraries that will assist with the development.

5. Scalability

The needs of the users and businesses change with time, right? So it is important to leave scope for the scalability in web development projects to introduce new features. This is where the Golang programming language takes the lead. Scalability is one of the best features offered by Golang.

Best Golang Web Frameworks?

Inspired by the great capabilities of the Go programming language? Here we have shared the 6 best frameworks for Go web development that will allow you to utilize the Golang capabilities for your project.

So, let’s get started.

1. Martini: Lightweight Web Framework

Martini is one of the powerful Golang web frameworks that allows web developers to develop modular web applications. The framework is flexible which makes it an ideal choice for scalability and handling a variety of tasks with minimal effort.

What makes the Martini the best choice for developers is that in addition to web applications, it is also designed to write Golang services.

2. Gin: Smashing Performance

Gin is a super-fast HTTP web development framework written in the Go programming language.

Featured by Martini-like API, the Gin framework claims to deliver a 40% higher speed than other web development frameworks.

It is equipped with the functionalities such as routing, middleware support, rendering, and much more to assist developers to develop web applications in Golang.

3. Buffalo: A Go Web Development Ecosystem

Buffalo serves as a one-stop destination for all your web development requirements starting from frontend to backend development.

Buffalo provides the developers with a simple toolbox and the buffalo commands to generate many parts of the web application with ease. The toolbox can be extended further using the vast collection of plugins it has to offer.

The hot reload feature of the framework enables the developer’s code to save and refresh instantly to review changes.

4. Beego: An Open-Source Framework

Beego web development software is open-source and shares pretty much similarities with the Django website framework.

With RESTful support and model-view-controller architecture, the Beego framework allows the developers to develop feature-rich web applications using Golang. By offering the features such as hot compile, automated testing, packing, and deployment, the framework assists developers at every stage.

When it comes to performance, the Beego framework is equipped with the Native Go HTTP request which is capable of handling massive traffic.

5. Revel: Full Stack Web Framework for Golang

Revel is a highly productive, flexible, full-stack web development framework written in the Go programming language.

By offering the reusable MVC components, Revel makes it an easy deal for web developers to use MVC components across all projects. The hot reload feature of the Revel framework, makes the edit, save and refresh process much faster.

6. Gocraft: Conservative Go Web Framework

Gocraft is yet another very strong web app development framework in the Go language. The framework is employed by the built-in middleware which makes it an easy deal for developers to write and add new functionality to web applications.

The developers can build their features and add them to the Gocraft middleware.

How to Select the Best Golang Web Framework?

The selection of the best Golang web frameworks depends on the following factors:

1. Usages

The very first thing you have to do is determine your requirements.

Decide what kind of web application you want to develop. Whether you want to develop a static, dynamic, eCommerce, or any other web application. It makes sense to pair your web application development usage with the framework specification you are choosing.

For instance: if you want to develop a faster web application then opting for the Gin framework makes sense. It claims to deliver 40 times faster speed than other frameworks.

2. Security and Privacy of the Project

Another important factor to consider is settling on the level of security and privacy needed for your project. Overlooking the importance of security temper the success of your project and results in the leak of your sensitive business information.

3. Flexibility and Scalability

Technology is taking new shapes every day. Hence businesses need to develop mobile applications that allow them to upgrade their application efficiently adopting new market trends.

Gocraft and Beego are the best Golang web development tools that provide scalability to web developers.

4. Timeline of Project

You should also pay attention to the number of days you can allocate to the development team. If you want rapid web application development, then you should choose the framework that comes with functionalities that allow developers to write codes efficiently.

Gin is the best Golang web development framework as it claims to deliver a 40% higher speed of development in comparison to other frameworks.

How to Leverage the Great Capabilities of Golang Frameworks for Web Development?

Now, when you have all the knowledge regarding the best Golang web development framework. Next, you should find out how to use these frameworks to unlock their full potential.

The best way to do so is by hiring a web development company that has specialization in Golang web frameworks. The company can understand your business use case and provide you with the best way to unlock the full potential of these frameworks.

If you are looking for a recommendation for the best web development firms, App Development Agency can help you with that. Here you will find the world’s top web development companies that design, develop and maintain web applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Is Golang Good For Web Development?

Golang is a simple, scalable, and high-performance programming language which follows modern design principles. Also, it favors well-optimization instead of complex codings like Java and Python. Hence if you prefer a well-optimized coding language with high performance then Golang is your go-to choice for web development.

2. Is Golang A Programming Language Or A Framework?

Golang is a programming language introduced by Google to enable developers to create web applications with ease.

3. Is Golang A Good Choice For Backend Development?

Thanks to Golang’s unparalleled server capacities to deal with heavy requests, it is the perfect choice for backend development.

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