How to Develop an E-Scooter App like Spin?

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Monday, 19 November 2018

There in no point in denying the fact that the Electronic scooters are modernizing the way people used to commute. Mobile App Development being one of the largest money making landscape is making this concept all the way very innovative for the start-ups and thus are getting in touch with this one of the new ventures in the app development commonly known as E-Scooter app development, well yes people are loving this concept as it is easy to use and affordable. One of the top giants in the niche is Spin, an E-scooter start-up in the San Francisco. Interestingly, when it comes to revenue, the above mentioned start-up made around $124 million since its launch and the figures are still increasing continuously. Well, for the new businesses and the entrepreneurs, this is a handful of opportunity to make money by serving the users with just right in the plate. But before processing for an E-Scooter Mobile App Development, you must have the checklist of the features that are to be added into your mobile app. In this post, you will find out the best features that should be inculcated in the ecosystem of your E-Scooter Mobile App. The development of such a mobile app depends greatly on the Mobile app development company you are selecting. So, carry an extensive research about the company before processing further.

Top features that must be added into an E-Scooter mobile app

There are few features that determine the success ratio of your E-scooter mobile app. Here are the ones that could make your app impeccable if added as per the evolving technologies.

User registration

This is the basic feature of your mobile app. Making it flawless will make sure that the users will stay on your mobile app. Allow the user to directly log in with their social networking accounts and try to keep the registration screen attractive and as simple as possible.

Find nearby scooter

As soon as the users get to successfully register themselves on your mobile app allow them to locate the nearby E-scooter. You can use Geo Location feature to automatically determine the current location of the user followed by dotting down the appropriate nearby E-scooter stand suggestions.

Scan QR code

Coming to next very important feature is QR code scanning. Well, your E-scooter app must adhere to this feature, in case you are looking for a broad user base. As soon as the user captures the insights about the scooter he wants to ride, make sure to assign the QR code. Once scanned with the appropriate scooter, he is ready to take the ride. Just remember, the more comfortable users feel on your app the more the probability of the retention increases.

Deliver true solutions

One of the top reasons why E-scooter mobile app is gaining friction is growing traffic congestion. Develop an app that just targets the user major concerns. Your app must provide the scooter at every location so that users can request them at the time they require. Adding schedule the time feature will also work great in this context. Allow the users to schedule the time at which they want to take a ride. This will save them from any kind of unnecessary delay.

Hassle-free payments

This can be said as the most important feature of E-scooter mobile app. Integrate payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree etc. so as to make the payment transaction hassle free for the users. In this case payment model can take two shapes: Either the app calculates on the basis of KMS covered or it can go by counting the number of hours or both the two can also be used in the app, if required. The app must accept the Debit/Credit cards for making the cash flow swifter. To conclude, your payment system must be very secure and transparent. Users will just abandon the app in case the payment is redirected or if they are asked to pay twice. Thus, it is imperative to make the overall payment architecture foolproof and technically protected.

Smart locking system

Well, when it comes to parking, one must ensure that it has been locked carefully. The app must assign a locking code to the user. This way it gets easy for the user to safely locate the scooter at the desired location. So, these were few features that you cannot miss to integrate into your mobile app. Remember, a mobile app is just not a part or a piece of some code of software, it is the accumulation of the users' requirements, therefore, make sure to focus on the UX and the navigation of the app in the correct way. But before closing in, let's find out a few reasons that why you must invest in E-Scooter Mobile App Development? Obviously, being an entrepreneur or a start-up, you need to capture a blueprint regarding the mural of the E-scooter app development and the competitors that are prevailing out there.

  1. The very first reason, why you must invest is, the aforementioned app development concept is trending and is fetching the momentum across all the market and industrial domains.
  2. As per the current market trends, the market for E-scooter earned around $13 million in 2016 and is forecast to reach $23 by the year 2025.
  3. Urbanization is another major reason why people are diverting towards using scooters.
  4. Currently, California is one of the leading spots in the U.S for e-scooters. For now, Washington D.C., North Carolina, and Texas were also found using E-scooters actively.

App development is undeniably the most competitive market existing out there. Therefore, before you jump on-board to make sure that you have all the features and requirements collected under one roof. This greatly helps in making the development ecosystem clutter free.


The aforementioned overview of E-scooter mobile app development and features might have delivered a much clearer picture of the app development. Processing further, it becomes really imperative to find the top mobile app development companies or the Indian Mobile App Developers to get the right app crafted for you. Undoubtedly, building the right app is a toil task but with the above narration of the features and the reason why your start-up must begin with the E-scooter mobile app will aid you to reap out the right result. The growing traffic and the industrialization had ignited the demand for scooters and for sure it will help in augmenting the potential of your start-ups.

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