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Friday, 01 February 2019

In this post, we will be talking about the out of box apps that are helping the people to get healthier and happier. Well, many of you might be thinking that we are talking about the workout apps but let me tell you are all caught up as we are talking about the Meditation Apps yes; they are the one that is currently shaping the ideation of being happy via meditating with a whole new perspective.

Since people are struggling with their hectic schedules they are searching for the solutions that can deliver them mental peace for some time. If we glance at the bucket of the meditation apps existing out there, the one that made the mark is Calm: well, it was declared as the best iOS meditation app in the year 2017

Talking on a broader note there are ample of meditation apps such as Headspace, 10% Happier, The Mindfulness and Simple Habit currently dominating in the niche. The aforementioned mindful apps have been embraced by the people with the open arms and thus the competition in the domain of mediation mobile app development had taken a fierce competition.

In this write-up, we will be talking about the most popular and profit building app, Calm. Well, as per the recent statistics, Calm raised around 245 million for the Apple and interestingly the seed value for developing the app was near about 1.5 million.

Quite obvious the above figures can drive the attention of any start-up or the entrepreneur for developing a meditation app like Calm. Therefore, keep reading the post to capture the insights about the best features of the Calm that must be added into your all-new meditation app.

Cozy navigation and defined guide

This can be said as the most crucial and fundamental feature of a meditating app. Well, the display and navigation of the app should deliver the sense of security and warmth to the user while using your app.

The app must be encompassed with all the guiding parameters and seamless navigation architecture such that it allows the user to learn and practice the desired breathing exercises properly. Furthermore, your app should be accessible to the people of all age groups and must be loaded with the advanced and intermediate breathing programs for the beginners and the trained professionals.

Remember, easy navigation, an alluring but soothing display and the accessibility can help your app to rank the charts. Therefore, process once you have a clarified image of the app about what you want to deliver and how you want to deliver.

Meditative exercises

Since we are talking about developing an app like Calm, it becomes quite imperative to add mindful and other breathing exercises that allow the users to mediate in just the right way. The meditative exercises must be such that it allows the people to fight the depression, fatigue, and other stress problems.

Now if we talk about Calm, the app is already equipped with the breathing exercises and sessions plus allows the users to select the time frames up-to 25 minutes for performing the exercises. While developing your own app remember to add appropriate breathing and mindful exercises for capturing the correct user base.

Push Notifications

When it comes to user engagement, push notifications is the best deal to go with. You can send updates regarding the new feature added or remind them about the scheduled exercise in the app.

Other than this, you can send them updates about the new music session or about any new trending topic. Furthermore, you can ask them about their visiting experience and can send them an invitation for their next visit. Well, Gamification can also aid in capturing the high user interest.

Adding Motivational sessions and stories

Coming to one of the attractive features, in this section user can post their stories about how they fought with the depression. This will help to not only augment the visibility of your app but at the same time will encourage other people to take the sessions from time to time.

You can add different sessions on the power of being relaxed, motivated and how meditation can help people to cure stress. Apart from this spreading happiness can be a key session here and at the same time allow the uses to decide the timeline or the duration for which they want to listen to the session.

This feature is really countable when you are planning to deliver an app like Calm and also when you are targeting the huge user base.

Review progress

Allow your users to track the time consumed by them during performing the exercises. This will greatly help in determining the progress of the users with the every passing day.

The meditative app must be such that it allows the users to track the time spent on listening to music, on reading stories or on doing exercises. Allow the person to analyze their stress level as this will help them in realizing the benefits of the app and the exercises they are doing on the daily basis.

Free Trail

Well, most of the users do not feel connected with the app in the very first time hence, if your app requires investment, they might abandon it.

In such a scenario, adding free trial option can come as a great rescue. Allow your users to use the app on the free trial basis. Once they come to know about the advantages and the ideation behind your app, you can ask for the paid subscription on their next visit.

In-app communication

For making your meditation app recognizable, make sure that it hears from users. Well, allow your users to communicate with the experts and mediators so as to allow them to discuss their stress problems.

When your users will get the right relaxation approach from the app, they will definitely try to stay on your app.

Closing In:

With the rapid escalation in the app development market, meditation app development is becoming common nowadays. Ample of start-ups are fetching the Indian Mobile App Developers for getting their app developed.

Crafting a polished app such as Calm or Headspace becomes easy, once you have determined the basic requirements of users and have accumulated the necessary data about the competitors.

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