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What Do You Require To Develop A News Feed App?

October 20, 2021
It’s a chronicle of tidbits of news feed app development!
As people become increasingly connected on their smartphones and devices, many businesses develop mobile apps to 'connect' with their customers. The intrusion of digital transformation into print media brings avenues of growth and promotion. If newspapers publish their content online, they want to ensure it's worth their reader's time and money.

A mobile app has become an inevitable tool for people – for those incapable of sparing a few minutes for the daily news in one place. It lets potential readers become sustainable and don’t let people miss out on current news; It has an additional advantage of flashing breaking news, which would otherwise feature the next day. It can differ from an optimized website, but in many cases, it calls for less maintenance, less time, and more effort to create.

Which factors should you consider while creating a news feed app?

To develop a news feed app of any type, consider these points:

  • The format of real news applications
  • The needs of the target audience of your mobile application
  • Constant news update
  • Using your advantage
  • Web platform

What features should be there in a Presumptuous News App?

If you decide in advance – what will your customers like on your app? What would be significantly different from an optimized website? How would daily interactions/highlights within your app look? Would progressive web apps will be better instead of mobile applications? Can you scale your workflow according to people’s demographics? Are you providing a valuable online experience? More importantly, can you create a seamless transition between experiences? Do you have an online forum for your regular readers? Where can they put up their queries? Here’s a list of salient features in a potential news app:

  • Easy Access
  • Regional news
  • Share on social network
  • Post news
  • User-friendly
  • The any-where-any-time news channel
  • Heavy personalization
  • Social media integration
  • Reader engagement techniques
  • Offline view
  • Payment integration
  • Localization
  • Social media sharing
  • Categories
  • Search and Filters
  • Push Notifications
  • Engagement Tools
  • Social Media Integration
  • Registration and Login
  • Personal Feed
  • Options to Interact With Content
  • Sections/categories
  • Email alerts
  • In-app purchases
  • Check-in with phone number, social networks, Google account and Email
  • Create Personal profiles
  • Smart filtering
  • Media sections with the possibility of online broadcasting of TV and Radio channels
  • Adding articles (news)
  • Saving articles
  • Offline option
  • Customizing program settings
  • Supplement the content with infographics, video news, audio, and virtual reality to make it effective.

What are the various types of news apps?

There are six types of news feed apps:

  • Breaking News Apps: Such applications feature breaking news stories, embed live stream videos onto your website with one click. It also has a live blogging feature to engage the audience.
  • Branded News Apps: Such news apps are helpful if you’re running a media house, magazine, or publication. Examples are The New York Times, BBC News, CNN. In-house editors or contributors stuff content on branded news apps.
  • Blogging Apps: Such apps feature news blogs on mobile platforms. They synchronize with an online blog (or website) or can run independently.
  • Community-Based News Apps: It works as a community platform for news editors, bloggers, or PR agencies. Anyone can publish their stories there. Example: Medium.
  • News Aggregator Apps: Such apps collect local news and display it in the right way to engage the audience.

What should a news app contain?

  • Local events
  • General political events
  • Global events
  • Announcements
  • Weather – Local and International
  • Technology
  • Sports

What stages should you follow while developing news apps?

Crux: Requirement specification, prototyping, designing (in conformity with the trends, navigation system, user-friendly interface), front end and back end development, testing, release, and support.

  1. Identify the requirements
  2. Determine the type of news app you require (basis the four categories discussed above)
  3. Determine the relevant content to place on the app
  4. Adapt your content to the application format
  5. Increase engagement factors by including features like – local/national/international news; Bifurcating your ‘news’ into thematic groups like business, economic, political, cultural.
  6. Identify the platform that your service wants to cater to – iOS, Android, Windows;
  7. Find your news source and ensure that it is reliable, authentic, and up to date.
  8. Refer a branded news application that has media sources such as The New York Times, the Guardian, Fox News Channel, and other similar applications/websites.

How to monetize a news feed app?

  • Make use of splash advertising after app launch.
  • Offer a paid service in addition to the ‘free version of the app.
  • Organize full-dress social occasions to advertise your events.

What are the benefits of creating a news feed app?

Newsfeed apps help in:

  • To increase user engagement
  • The user himself decides which categories he is interested in and which notifications he is willing to receive
  • It leads to the possibility of reaching a wider audience of readers.
  • It contributes to the monetization of your service.
  • Auto publishing stories to the app
  • Monetizing your content
  • Building loyalty
  • Migrating to bold CMS easily
  • Real-time push notifications
  • It brings about a fast and easy experience for readers
  • Push notifications
  • Infinite scrolling
  • Swipe actions
  • Content recommendations
  • Native sharing
  • Rick image galleries
  • It makes content accessible in both online/offline mode
  • To publish stories to the website and apps from a single authoring source.
  • To develop top-worthy apps like CNN, Buzzfeed at 10% of the cost.
  • Synchronizes 100% with websites
  • Enables content monetization

What is the potential technology stack used by news app development agencies?

Potential ones are Android, angular, Java, Spring, Google Maps, and PostgreSQL;

What is the cost of News App Development?

The cost to create an average news feed app comes around $12,000 – $13,000. This range can scale up to $45,000.

Top News Apps

  • Feedly
  • The New York Times
  • News360
  • NowThis News
  • Newsy
  • Trends
  • Newsmax

Bottom Line: How would you like an ideal news feed app?

A news feed app – (1) increases engagement, (2) enables users to find interesting content related to likes, (3) saved articles, and (4) favorite categories. Advanced search functionality helps select the news of choice, allowing users to find categories, hashtags, and individual articles relevant to their interests. Make a detailed list of requirements, formulate the main idea and task of your service. Take the help of expert developers at top app development agencies to bring it to fruition.

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