5 Best Programming Languages For Web Development In 2018

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

If you’ve been buried in your projects, hiding in your storeroom this is an unequivocal guide for you to select the trends in best programming languages in 2018.

The Top Factors Considered by Web Development Companies

Following Are the Top Things To Watch Before Selecting A Specific Programming Language:

  • The popularity of Programming Language
  • Availability of Libraries
  • Language Domain Match
  • Efficiency and Robustness
  • Expressiveness
  • Size of Project
  • Tool Support
  • Community Support

It is advisable that comparison criteria should be centered on outcomes instead of essential object-oriented features like overriding, polymorphism, function and operator overloading, variable declaration, exception handling etc.

  • Ease of understanding
  • Ease of learning
  • Speed of development
  • Performance of compiled code
  • Help with enforcement of the correct code
  • Supported platform environments
  • Does it fit the purpose of the project
  • Portability

Other questions that are worth understanding while selecting a programming language are:

  • The programming skills of the web developers
  • Do programming skills match with the strategy?
  • What is your platform and middleware strategy over that time period?
  • Which language is supposed to be consistent over the coming period of time?
  • What will be the programming requirements for maintenance over the next five years?

5 Best Programming Languages for Web Development in 2018

Here is the list of programming languages that are most likely favored in current scenario:

1. PHP

Php is undoubtedly considered the most sought-after language for back-end programming for the following reasons:

  • It is open source, free and has the biggest client base
  • Comes along with many frameworks
  • It is available on cheap hosting plans
  • Most popular applications make use of PHP
  • A lot of documentation is available, which can help you if you get stuck anywhere
  • Although it depends on your familiarity with the programming language, with the availability of many frameworks, PHP eases development and allows for fast coding.
  • Many technologies like MongoDB, Memcache, Pusher, etc. can be integrated with PHP easily
  • PHP programming language has a great support for URL parsing, database drivers, HTTP fetching and regular expression
  • Availability of extensive library differentiates it from other good programming languages
  • It is customizable, flexible, scalable, and robust. Tech giants have created a PHP derivative language called “Hack” to complete its content management needs
  • The code can be updated without re-boot the server

 2. Java

Although the popularity of Java has been decreased as compared to last year still it remains the stable and most reliable option for web development. Frameworks based on Java that mobile and web developers need to learn in 2018: Angular, Node.JS, Spring Boot, React, React, Bootstrap, jQuery, Spring Security 5, Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Cordova, Firebase, and Xamarin.

3. Golang (Go)

Although being in the industry for years, Java is considerably heavyweight, while Golang (Go) is lightweight. Later is often denoted as Java killer. It combines the features of being fast as C programming language and being as simple as Python programming language. It is more efficient than Java and Erlang programming languages in efficiency and performance.

Golang is fit for both Native as well as Cross-Platform App Development for the following reasons:

  • Compiles easily
  • It supports concurrency at the language level
  • All its functions are treated as first-class objects
  • It has extensive support for garbage collection
  • It has inbuilt support for strings and maps

Go programming language is good for web-API on the backend and it further becomes robust with the availability of the scalable server.

4. Ruby on Rails

“Ruby” as a programming language isn’t good for web development by “Rails”, the framework written on it makes it a suitable choice for developers. However it is difficult to decide between Golang and Ruby on rails, it largely depends on the availability and choice.

  • While Golang is restrictive and verbose, Ruby is comparatively easy and better suited for small specific services, especially one that requires fan-in and fan-out processing.
  • Ruby has bigger and extensive set of libraries as compared to Golang
  • Availability of support forums makes it easy to learn

5. JavaScript

What trends do popular web development companies India check while implementing JavaScript?

  • JavaScript, often abbreviated as JS is an open source front-end programming langue that is utilized for client-side scripting
  • It is lightweight and can be used to enable triggers, style sheets, and Ajax
  • It is the easiest programming language that is used to create static web pages
  • While HTML is used to define the content of the web pages, CSS is used to define the layout of the web pages
  • JavaScript is completely different from Java and is a standard for client-side programming since 1997
  • It can be used to build cross-platform applications with help of frameworks like - React.JS, Vue.JS, Next.JS, Angular.JS, Node.JS are some of the prevalent
  • It complements other higher level programming languages like HTML, PHP, and Java
  • Applications built in JavaScript are often network-centric

Winding Up

Requirements of the client, expertise of developer, availability of libraries, community support, and availability of programmers are some of the underlying factors considered by top web development companies that help in taking the decision about the programming language to be used for the upcoming project.

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